Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Movies: May - June

Summer movie season has been so entertaining for me. I love going to see these major franchise continue and the horror, action, and drama movies sprinkled in with a few decent comedies have made going to the theater more than worthwhile. My favorite film of these last two months blended the genre and after the shock of the first major blockbuster of the season, it was nice to see some films with lower stakes. 

Deadpool 2
The sequel to the irreverent meta-superhero film, the first to really embrace an R-rating and find box office success, has tons of fun twists and turns with a steady stream of comedy that accompanies some awesome action scenes. Deadpool is easily at the top of my favorite superhero franchises if it keeps up this hilarious and action-packed momentum into X-force and other promised sequels. I wonder what will happen if Deadpool joins the MCU.

Incredibles 2
The long-awaited Pixar sequel delivers with a cool premise and solid action. The new movie picks up immediately where the last one left off despite nearly two decades between the original release, but it quickly establishes a story of its own. Jack Jack and Dash are cute and hilarious while a bike chase scene with Elastigirl and a train is astonishing. The actual twist is predictable but I guess this is expected from a kids movie.

Solo: A Star Wars Story
The second Star Wars spin-off turned out to be a bit of a disappointment at the box office, but I found the film charming and fun. As soon as Chewbacca showed up, I was entranced, and the Darth Maul twist appealed directly to me. Emilia Clarke improves as an actress and Alden Ehrenreich did a decent job mimicking Harrison Ford.

American Animals
This extraordinary Kentucky story mixes documentary and brilliant acting to tell a compelling heist tale. Evan Peters is great and it was funny when he talks to his real-life counterpart while Barry Keoghan shows he's going to be an awards contender in the future. I do wish Ann Dowd had a bigger role because I've been a fan since the Leftovers. 
On Chesil Beach
I enjoyed this book so much in college and finally watching the film was a moving experience. The epic nature of the last few scenes captured the lifelong regret and solid performance from Saoirse Ronan and Billy Howle make this a fascinating film. It reminds me of Brooklyn, another film starring Ronan that was very epic and fascinating. 

Violent sci-fi is a ton of fun while I enjoy Logan Marshall-Green in a lead role. The story lacks a lot of thought but there are some absurd scenes that make up for the shallow plot.
I actually like jump-scares a lot and while this horror film had plenty of dread and one really disturbing car wreck, it left me wanting to be frightened and shocked more. I was a little confused about the ending and didn't like it enough to put too much thought into what exactly happened. 

Sicario: Day of the Soldado
The first film is a masterpiece. This sequel has decent moments but never amounts to much. I'm all for this franchise continuing though and revisiting Taylor Sheridan's other movies was fun. I actually saw this July 1st and I'm late posting this monthly update, but there are new rules on this blog and I consider this the last June movie. 

Comedies have been really entertaining this year so I have made an effort to see more in theaters. Tag is one of those very entertaining movies and they clearly take liberties with the true story. The fact that Jeremy Renner's arms were broken is insane and I like seeing Jon Hamm in more movies. I do wish he would do more dramas, I didn't see his other film Beirut but I plan to rent it. The standout for me was Jake Johnson as his character was really funny. 
You Were Never Really Here
This movie was messed up and weird. I read somewhere that they rushed the process of editing and it feels that way a bit. Definitely something to this film but I don't know if I'll ever want to watch it again. 
Ocean's Eight
I revisited the newer Ocean's trilogy before seeing this and I don't really like any of these films. It's cool to see big stars walking around and saying lines and dressing nice, but as far as any plausible heist and clever twist, it didn't try very hard. I'd be up for another one, I just wish they would put more thought into the heist and maybe have a good villain. 

Hotel Artemis
The most disappointing movie of the last two months was such a missed opportunity. Sterling K. Brown is going to be a great leading man while Dave Bautista continues to show his comedic skill. Sofia Boutella should get her own action franchise. Jodie Foster had an interesting character but even support from Jeff Goldblum and Charlie Day couldn't make this very funny or elevate the action. I want more movies like this one, just better.