Friday, June 29, 2018

Sports: May - June

Sports has been crazy these last two months and it's unfortunate that I'm not very good at writing about it. Soccer has become a new interest that has paid off with tons of exciting games in the World Cup. Hockey and basketball both finished seasons that had surprises and predictable moments. The College Baseball World Series finished up with a new champion just as Major League Baseball barrels towards the All-Star break with tons of great games. 

Basketball: NBA Finals
A predictable and repetitive NBA finals led to a blowout and sweep by the Golden State Warriors over the Cleveland Cavaliers. We did a pizza party each game, which was hell on my new diet, but luckily we only had four nights of pizza thanks to the Warriors' dominance. Lebron James, my current favorite player and the best I've ever seen, did his best but Steph Curry was backed up by Kevin Durant and an unstoppable crew. I enjoyed the playoffs a lot this year and liked the relief of not having to do my terrible job of blogging about them. 

Hockey: Stanley Cup Finals
This was my first full season of watching hockey and I put a considerably larger investment of time and money into it. I only see myself diving deeper into this brutal competition on ice as I'll now follow four teams. The Washington Capitals are a bit of a rival to my early favorites like the Blue Jackets and Penguins and I was pumped to purchase a Vegas Golden Knights hat, but I'm sure they'll get one eventually. The Stanly Cup playoffs make a great pairing with basketball and I look forward to both season starting again in the winter. 

Soccer: World Cup
Soccer is something that I was a bit hesitant to dive into but I have no regrets trying to keep up with this excellent global competition. While the knockout round begins the first day of July, I have no idea who will eventually triumph but I've bought in on my pick of Brazil even going so far as ordering a bright yellow shirt. There are a ton of great teams and the matches are going to be exciting from here on out.
College Baseball: World Series
It's not always easy to keep up with college sports, but the College Baseball World Series is an exciting series of games. The ending of this one was especially exciting as I was about to get an Arkansas hat contributing to my SEC collection when a dropped foul ball refused the Razorbacks fortune leading to a win for the Oregon State Beavers.
Soccer: USA Open Cup
After Atlanta United go eliminated, I haven't been paying as much attention but the action picks up next month so I'll have more to write about this Cup once it picks back up next month. I do hope to write about this tournament and the MLS in the next month. Atlanta United is doing really well in the league so I'll be following them closely until tournament time. Louisville City FC is who I'm rooting for now and I hope to attend a game in August. 

Major League Baseball

The Atlanta Braves are in first place in the NL East. That's all I really care about but I follow three other teams. The Cincinnati Reds have turned things around under their new coach but this season is far from salvageable. The Chicago Cubs fight for the top of their division against the Brewers. The reigning champs, the Houston Astros are holding off the Seattle Mariners. A battle in the AL East between the Boston Red Sox and Yankees should get national coverage while the Indians hold strong in the AL Central. Arizona remains at top of the NL West. 

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