Thursday, April 12, 2018

TV Show Review: The Mick (Season 2)

This hilarious dysfunctional wealthy family comedy continues for a brilliant second season that lives up to the first and grows the great characters. Mackenzie "Mick" Murphy (Kaitlin Olson) is still trying to live the high life after the Pemberton mansion burned down but the hotels have realized they are out of money. The rest of the Pembertons are not ready to give up their cozy lives either. Mick works with her niece Sabrina (Sofia Black-D'Elia) to blackmail the financial advisor who has restricted their spending while Jimmy (Scott MacArthur) teaches Chip (Thomas Barbusca) how to stay under the radar though Chip tries to go it alone and gets caught. Alba (Carla Jimenez) has an exorcism performed on him by the youngest Pemberton Ben (Jack Stanton). A solid first episode for what turned into a pretty outrageously hilarious second season.

The family has to move back to the burned-out mansion for a few episodes as the kids cope with their parentage and Mickey tries to make friends. Jimmy has a brief foray into financial advising before it all goes wrong. Ben is one of the funniest parts of the show as he befriends inmates and goes off his ADHD medicine. Sabrina tries to regain her popularity by throwing a Halloween party but it goes awry. They finally get out of the burnt-out mansion when a distant relative passes away leaving the house for Mick and the kids. Jimmy and Mick's relationship is strained by revelations from the past but they can hardly get away from the kids to go out on a date. 

Mickey also pushes Sabrina hard to go to college because she wants the moody teenage girl out of her new mansion. Alba has to cover up that she never cleans around the house when one of her relatives arrives still believing she was a maid. The show jumps from various topics like religion, gambling, and bullying with irreverent fashion. The physical humor is amazing especially from Mickey and Jimmy as they get in fights or get locked in a car. Chip has various schemes that always work out to embarrass him and Sabrina tries to remain cool even as she has doubts about her future. 

Mickey tries to keep the family out of trouble but Ben steals things, Chip throws parties, and Sabrina declines her acceptance to Yale. Mickey, with the help of Alba who is always having fun in these scenarios, tries to direct Sabrina to college, help Ben make friends, win the science fair, and stay out of trouble while Jimmy tries to mentor Chip and his wealthy friends through the wild lessons he learned in his own rough childhood. The finale has Mickey trying to finally convince Sabrina and deal with her own regrets only for a lightning strike to throw her plans into chaos for what should be a great third season.  

The Mick continues to be wildly amusing in its second season with scenarios working out into hysterical conclusions and the actors pulling off some great comedic moments. The FOX network has impressed me with a lot of their comedies recently and The Mick fits right into those shows. It is nice to see Kaitlin Olson branch out from the show that made her famous though I hope she stays on that one as well. I don't know if I'll have the time to continue reviewing these thirty-minute comedies but they are some of my favorite shows to watch so I'll definitely be tuning in when The Mick returns.  

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