Sunday, April 1, 2018

TV Show Review: High Maintenance (Season 2)

The stoner television series continues with tons of eccentric New York characters that have interesting lives that are all tied together by a single drug dealer. The Guy (Ben Sinclair) bikes around the city providing marijuana to various people whose lives play out in each episode. The second season has more episodes which allow the creators Sinclair and Katja Blickfeld to go into more stories and flesh out the Guy's life as well. The story begins with a tragedy that is never revealed but characters cope with the endless news updates and really want to get high causing the Guy to travel all over the city. One especially weird revelation comes from a woman who finds out she's been having a threesome with two brothers when they call their mom to assure her they are fine.

The Guy goes all over the place and deals with all sorts of people from parents visiting their daughter in college and staying at a strange AirBnB and a women's group planning political activism. The Guy starts to rethink where he is living as he still has an apartment across from his wife (Kate Lyn Sheil) who left him for a woman. Another couple tries to start over in a new place only to find that they are treated as less than for receiving financial assistance. Two dramatically different lifestyles collide as a performer intersects with an orthodox Jewish man who renounced his conservative lifestyle as both of these stories somehow intersected with the Guy. 

The Guy's job doesn't ensure health insurance so when he gets into a terrible accident and breaks his arm, he goes to the cheapest hospital. Luckily, his divorce from his wife hasn't gone through so he is still on her insurance. She visits him in the hospital and steals his weed pen but denies being high later with her girlfriend. With his arm broken, the Guy has to work with a partner Abdullah (Abdullah Saeed), an Uber driver. The Guy takes advantage of his time off by taking mushrooms and walking around though things go awry. The Uber driver works well but The Guy still has to move back to his old school ways. The Guy provides a service that helps marriages and ambitious individuals achieve their goals, like a woman who tries to break the continuous dance marathon record despite physical limitations that can be deterred by marijuana.

The internet is another source of comedy as one customer of the Guy tries to disconnect only to have a candle burn his apartment and another woman is harassed on the internet for making an insensitive joke until she makes an apology. The eclipse from last year serves as the event of the finale that sees a couple plan a marriage proposal. The Guy has a chance to start over with his life with an RV but as he starts his journey the vehicle breaks down leaving him stranded. One of the funniest parts of these shows are the credits scenes as the Guy finds himself in some strange situation that plays out in slow motion. 

High Maintenance is always a funny show but I never know what to expect from one episode to the next. Some episodes are really funny while others go more in-depth into an issue. I find sometimes that the show can be a little slow but I also really like how it gives a picture of New York City that I would never see. Ben Sinclair's The Guy is a great anchor and gives a unique perspective and access to tons of different lives that are not shown on other shows. 

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