Thursday, April 5, 2018

TV Show Review: The Detour (Season 3)

Hilarious and charming, this TBS comedy continues to deliver laughs through the third season of adventures for the Parker family. The third season sees the Parkers settling into a new life in Alaska, a place where they believe they can stay hidden. Their obvious lies are easily exposed but most people in Alaska are hiding from something so they don't really care. The daylight never ceases so it starts to drive them crazy. Robin Parker (Natalie Zea) takes a job at an oddly themed strip club while Nate (Jason Jones) stayed home with Delilah (Ashley Gerasimovich) and Jared (Liam Carroll). As Nate suspects Robin has met someone, Delilah goes through puberty and gets a boyfriend while Jared deals with a gender fluid relationship. The postal service agent Edie (Laura Benanti) continues to keep the family under surveillance searching for the stupidest member to flip.

Jared runs for mayor against a llama which brings more attention to them but he manages to win. She determines that Nate is the dumbest and goes undercover as the assistant coach for the kids' hockey team. Delilah discovers her recordings and starts to suspect that Edie has a crush on her dad. Hurting for cash, Nate decides to take a trip on a fishing trawler after misreading how much they paid. Kevin (Roy Wood Jr.) helps him through the rough trip and he does win money in a fight. He returns home to find Robin preparing for a wedding and the FBI closing in. Nate has doubts about his marriage as he reflects back on their honeymoon and the awful way that turned out. 

Robin's sister Vanessa (Daniella Pineda) ratted them out and Nate grabs the family and they flee. They hire a pilot name Sleepy (Gordon Pinsent) who falls asleep at the wheel midflight and the plane starts to descend. Nate takes over the plane and, while they all think they are going to die, he manages to land it. They are lost in the woods and try to hike back to civilization eating magic mushrooms along the way. Edie chases after them hiring a militia group to help her.

The Parkers stumble onto a live action roleplay Western and Nate thinks he's a big hero. Throughout the episodes, their lawyer interviews them about everything that happened and this slowly reveals a very complicated and outrageous story. Edie catches up with them and the militia takes the attack a little too far by launching a rocket into a house. They are taken to the police station and it catches up with the lawyer's interview. Edie reveals that she is Robin's sister which explains her die-hard mission to catch Robin's father. The final reveal shows Delilah long scheme to escape the craziness of the Parker family and set out on her own.

The Detour remains one of the funniest shows on television and it always feels like the thirty minute episodes are just too short especially if you watch them one episode a week. It does feel like the show lost a little steam with it being in one place but then jumped back into a funny scenario with the family on the run again. With the big reveal, I don't know where the show will go from here but I do hope it continues for more seasons because this show has continuously brought plenty of laughs with the antics of the Parker family. Jason Jones and Samantha Bee have created something great. 

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