Sunday, April 8, 2018

TV Show Review: Baskets (Season 3)

Being a clown isn't easy and this FX comedy captures the outrageous absurdity of the make-up dream of bringing smiles to people's faces. Zach Galifianakis pulls double duty as he plays twin brothers Chip and Dale Baskets while Louie Anderson continues to steal the show as Mrs. Christine Baskets. This show never fails to create awkward situations that are brilliant for comedy. The second season ended with Christine deciding to bail out Chip by buying the rodeo so that Chip can perform there. Owning a rodeo seems fun for Christine at first but she soon learns that things are a little more complicated as untamed horses run wild and expenses mount up. Christine prepares for a television interview to bring some publicity to the new rodeo. 

While Chip searches for new clowns to help the rodeo, he seeks out his old rodeo boss Eddie (Ernest Adams) who is stuck with a woman holding him hostage. Eddie has a drinking problem which causes a lot of issues for the rodeo as it tries to put on their first few shows. Chip tries to recruit his old hobo friends but they have moved on to their life at Arby's. This show is one of the rare shows that incorporates the corporate sponsor within the narrative of the show and they usually do it in a silly way. Christine wants to host a major opera performance at the rodeo to impress her group of old lady friends. Dale warns against using too much money on the fireworks but Christine moves forward with the huge display but the fireworks go awry and set the place on fire.

Dale sues Christine after his finances are thrown off and he is unable to impress his daughters to one-up his ex-wife's new boyfriend. Dale calls in Christine's brother who runs a Quizno's but things do not go well. The family drama causes Christine to be alone on Thanksgiving as Chip goes to see Martha's family but the French clowns show up to cheer her holiday though they insult Chip's character making him start to think of changes. Christine takes Martha to a women's conference and comes up with the idea to film a commercial. However, Martha's boyfriend Ken (Alex Morris) slaps Dale during the filming forcing a confrontation. 

Dale starts a spiral meeting a woman at a bar who he asks to marry and lying a ton about his ownership of the rodeo. Chip starts to build a new character but takes Martha on a birthday celebration that complicates her strange romantic life. After the controversy, Ken tries to make it up to Christine but wants the blessing of both Chip and Dale to propose. Dale holds out as they go to a cabin to have a family New Year's celebration. Dale gets lost and Ken saves him while Christine talks with Ken's family about their relationship and settles her doubts.

Baskets continues to be a hilarious show that features great performances from a solid cast. Galifianakis is brilliant with the two characters switching from awkward Chip to confrontational Dale. Anderson takes a lot more scenes of this season as Christine becomes the main characters. Martha Kelly is also great with her deadpan delivery and the awkward way she hangs around the Baskets family. The FX comedy could go through some changes with one creator probably dropping off but I think it will continue to be one of the funniest shows on television. 

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