Monday, April 30, 2018

Movie Review: Super Troopers

The hilarious comedy from nearly two decades ago is still plenty amusing these many years later. I wasn't aware of this humorous film right away but picked it up as it garnered a cult following. The Broken Lizard gang has made some pretty funny movies but then vanished for over a decade from major motion pictures. This comic cop spoof was their big success for a lot of reasons including the quotable lines. The film begins with three teenagers driving down the highway towards Canda smoking weed. They are pulled over by the cops and give all their drugs to the backseat passenger who eats them. Thorny (Jay Chandrasekhar) and Rabbit (Erik Stolhanske) mess with the teenagers until Mac (Steve Lemme) speeds by pretending to be a perp. Rabbit is the rookie so he has to take on all sorts of challenges like drinking when they say and chugging syrup. Foster (Paul Soter) likes to fish instead of patrolling the highway. 

Their antics have them at risk of being shut down due to funding and their exasperated leader Captain O'Hagan (Brian Cox) tries to find a way for them to survive, either by writing more tickets or making a huge drug bust. The opportunity arrives when a dead body shows up in a trailer. Some of the cops notice the strange tattoo on the woman's body that is tied to an Afghan cartoon and possibly drug smuggling. Their highway patrol jokes continue, like the meow game and repeater, along with their bullying of their most annoying member Farva (Kevin Heffernan). The radio operator always takes things too far or doesn't understand the purpose of these various pranks being especially harsh on the rookie. 

Foster becomes attracted Ursula (Marisa Coughlan), the radio operator of the state police who can't get any field work. The state police impeded their investigation and are all around jerks to the highway patrol with a confrontational rivalry. Foster manages to charm Ursula and they sneak into the RV to have sex. They stumble upon a hidden compartment that contains pounds of marijuana. O'Hagan is increasingly worried about them being shut down but he believes this bust could prevent their closure. However, the state police beat them to the punch presenting the weed to the mayor and earning themselves longevity where the highway patrol is in trouble. Foster thinks Ursula betrayed him but Farva did it to earn a position with the police.

The highway patrolmen are prepared to lose their job so they go on a drunken spree challenging the chief of the state police at his house though he isn't there. They continue to drive around drunkenly until they stumble upon the state police making a deal with the drug smugglers. They create a decoy and bust the state police before earning they positions back. The movie ends with the troopers busting the kids in a sting operation as keg delivery men.

Super Troopers has earned a repeat watch as the sequel was crowdfunded enough to get a wide release. The movie is still pretty funny to watch it again and I'd be curious to see the other Broken Lizard movies. There are plenty of great jokes that can still get a laugh out of me and some of the characters are pretty memorable. I am interested to see how the sequel is received. 

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