Friday, April 20, 2018

Movie Review: Rampage

The Rock returns to films about massive destruction with one of the more entertaining video games adaptions. Dwayne Johnson has become a big box office draw with recent films that combine his acting with a significant concept but this latest blockbuster may fall short. While the movie had a lot of enjoyable craziness, the plot does not always follow logic and the special effects were hit-or-miss. As most video game adaptations are pretty terrible, this monster movie did not have a high bar to clear to be considered one of the better ones. The film begins with a deteriorating space station and the sole surviving crew members being pursued by a giant rat. The station explodes but not before three samples are shot back down into the atmosphere to land in various parts of the country.

Davis Okoye (Johnson) works with gorillas as he gained experience during his time in the special forces fighting poachers. He raised George, an albino gorilla rendered through motion capture. When one of the samples hits down in George's cage, the gorilla begins to grow at an exponential rate. Okoye is sure what to do but Dr. Kate Caldwell (Naomie Harris) arrives to explain all the science in one of Harris's weaker performances. Behind this science experiment is the evil corporation run by Claire Wyden (Malin Akerman) and her brother Brett (Jake Lacy). They send out a task force to hunt down a wolf that has been affected led by Burke (Joe Manganiello). The wolf makes short work of the soldiers.

Meanwhile, George grows more agitated in his enclosure and Dr. Caldwell explains the increased aggression. George breaks out but the government comes in and shoots him with tranquilizers. Leading the secret organization, Harvey Russell (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) tries to transport George on a plane. The Wyden siblings send out a signal that drives the giant animals crazy and directs them towards Chicago. Davis, Kate, and Harvey survive the plane crash along with George who takes off in the direction of the signal and soon joins up with the wolf. The military tries to stop the giant beasts but nothing works. Davis and Kate escape and with the help of Harvey, they fly a helicopter to Chicago where the chaos is about to begin. A crocodile was also infected and is steadily swimming towards the city. 

In the part most similar to the actual gameplay, the gorilla, wolf and eventually crocodile smash their way through the city. They have mutated so that the wolf has spindly tale barbs that he can fling at helicopters and the croc chomps on tanks and planes. Kate and Davis fly into the city and watch the carnage from above as the military prepares to launch a missile and wipe out the city. Dr. Caldwell and Okoye break into Wyden's skyscraper and confront the siblings just as the monsters climb up the top. Okoye is shot in the side by Claire but someone he manages to brush off the injury. He runs around with George who is given a cure by Dr. Caldwell so that the two of them can fight. The crocodile kills the wolf and Davis distracts it until George can finally take it out. The city is saved but I don't think they'll come up with a sequel.

Rampage has what I cam to the theater to see, giant animals smashing buildings and fighting each other. Dwayne Johnson does a good job with the action and he brings enough humor for the other parts while Naomie Harris should be in better movies that use her talents. Jeffrey Dean Morgan appears to have taken his iconic television show character that I'll write about in an upcoming post and put it into the character of a government agent. While there are some flaws, there is enough in Rampage to make it an overall enjoyable experience if this kind of movie is what you're looking for. 

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