Monday, April 23, 2018

Movie Review: Blockers

This hilarious comedy attempts to upend gender roles as it takes a typical teenage premise but shows how it is more complicated for young women. The film revolves around three parents who try to prevent their children from losing their virginity on prom night. The parents have different reasons for their wild attempts at cock blocking but all of it adds up to great humor. I don't often catch comedies at the theater but I was willing to check this one out due to great reviews and a solid showing at the box office. Ike Barinholtz and Leslie Mann have been comedy staples for some time while John Cena has appeared in more comedies recently adding to his roles in action films. The mixture of the adults with the teenagers make for two solid storylines that play out in a night long chase. 

Lisa (Mann) raised her daughter Julie (Kathryn Newton) but is reluctant to let her move far away to college. Mitchell (Cena) raised Kayla (Geraldine Viswanathan) to enjoy sports and be more of a free thinker though he is thrown off by some of her more feminine and grownup behavior. Hunter (Barinholtz) has not been in much involved in the life of his daughter Sam (Gideon Adlon). When the girls were young, the parents agreed to be friends but they have fallen apart since then. They reunite to send their girls off to prom but Lisa has discovered her daughter has plans to leave Chicago and go to college in California. Hunter has rented a limousine for the girls to travel to prom. He is not worried about his daughter losing her virginity but when Mitchell and Lisa discover a computer showing the girls' text messages, they learn that they have all agreed to have sex tonight.

Hunter tries to stop them from ruining the night but Lisa and Mitchell overpower him and drive to the dance. The young women and their dates have already moved on from the dance just missing an embarrassing encounter. The parents follow the prom dates to a  party where Julie moves closer to losing her virginity and Sam takes drugs. In a hilarious episode from the trailer that goes well no matter how many times I saw it before, Cena's Mitchell has to butt chug beer to gain admittance to the party. While the teenagers hosting the party pretend to butt chug, Mitchell actually does but then the cops show up. The beer sprays into Hunter's face as they flee the police. The kids move onto a hotel party but the parents have to figure out where they are having lost the limousine with some crazy driving. 

Lisa calls Julie who expresses her anger at her mother for not letting her go to the college to which she applied. Lisa is depressed about the fight with her daughter but she is still determined to stop her daughter. They head to the house of the parents of Julie's boyfriend who have been staying in touch with their son. They have to sneak around an awkward sex game to get a cellphone. The parents discover the teens have gone to a hotel party where they have split off to lose their virginity. Each parent confronts their daughter where they learn more about their daughters and accept their decisions.

Blockers has plenty of hilarious moment continuing a solid run of comedies these last few months. The film has been praised for the unique view to comedies it has taken with a more female perspective to the typical teen comedy. The movie didn't include some of the hilarious parts from the commercial that I was hoping to see especially where Cena swings Barinholtz over the hotel balcony. I guess they save the outtakes for the DVD or maybe they were in the credits. The young cast shined while Cena showed his comedy chops against the veterans Mann and Barinholtz. I am willing to see a lot more comedies this year in the theaters if they are this entertaining. 

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