Friday, March 30, 2018

Sports: MLB (Opening Day)

Baseball is back and while other sports are getting to their exciting times, we prepare for the long season ahead. This year will be my first playing fantasy baseball so I hope that will keep me more informed about individual players, at least the players on my fantasy team, but that didn't work too well for basketball or hockey. Every year I pick teams from each division to win and usually I'm pretty wrong but that doesn't mean I'm going to stop. 

National League
NL East
Unfortunately, the Washington Nationals still look like the favorites in this division as the Atlanta Braves continue to rebuild and suffer from roster moves that were against the rules. I don't think the Phillies, Marlins, and Mets will have a strong enough season to compete but I'd like this season to return to the dominance it once had. 

NL Central
After decades of droughts and rough years, the Cubs return as one of the best teams in the league. They nearly made it back to the World Series last year and I think that will continue this year as well. I'm not being very creative with my picks but I do think these teams will return to where they were at the top of their divisions. I'd like to see the Cincinnati Reds do something this year but I'm not sure that will happen yet. I always think of the Cardinals as a good team so maybe they'll get back into the chase while I don't think the Pirates and Brewers will be playing in October. 
NL West
The NL West could be full of surprises but I think the Dodgers have a chance to win it all this year. I'd like to buy a Los Angeles hat this year but they'll have trouble from the Giants who could come back strong. The Diamondbacks and Rockies had Wild Card spots last year so maybe they'll up their game and take this division by surprise. 
American League
AL East
The New York Yankees are going to be the best team in the American League this year and will face the NL team in the World Series. I don't like the Yankees so I'm rooting for the Orioles to take this division and maybe the Red Sox will show up and take the division like they did last year. The Blue Jays and Rays probably won't make many waves in the AL East.
AL Central
The Indians will continue to approach the World Series but fall short as they dominate the AL Central. They will probably change their logo before they actually win it all. The Chicago White Sox looked good and I used to root for them so I'd like them to take the division while the Royals don't look like they are returning to their dominance of a few years ago. The Tigers and Twins will continue to struggle, I think. 
AL West
The reigning champions and the team I will follow the closest should return to the playoffs though I don't think they'll beat New York. The Mariners have a long drought to face down and I'll have to be reminded the Athletics even exist. The Rangers and Angels have good players but not winning teams. 

The only thing consistent about my Opening Day picks is that they are usually wrong so we'll see how I turn out in October. I actually did OK predicting the winners last year but I totally whiffed on the Astros who took it home. I'll be wary of them this year but I think someone new will take it. I won't have a chance to write about this sport every month like I have in the past but I'll check in periodically to see how the season is going. I do like finding a game on nearly everyday. 

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