Saturday, March 17, 2018

Movie Review: The Strangers: Prey at Night

The murderous threesome returns nearly a decade later to terrorize an unsuspecting family. Cindy (Christina Hendricks) and her husband Mike (Martin Henderson) are struggling with their daughter Kinsey (Bailee Madison) who has been misbehaving and getting into trouble. They plan to send her to a boarding school so they pack up the car and force her brother Luke (Lewis Pullman) to come along. They plan to drive through most of the day and stop at a trailer park owned by Cindy's uncle but the prologue scene shows the old couple being advanced on by the masked killers. After some arguments and a stop at a diner, they arrive at the trailer park office late at night and pick up the key to their trailer. There is a note supposedly from the uncle telling them that they'll see them in the morning though the note has a creepy smiley face drawn on it as does the mailbox outside the trailer.

The family settles into the trailer as Mike suggests that they put away their phones so that they can spend some time together. A knock on the door comes from a woman shrouded in shadow. The woman asks for Tamra but then walks off when they tell her she has the wrong house. Cindy is freaked out about the disturbing visit and Mike notices the bulb was twisted off. They start to play a game when Cindy argues with Kinsey who runs off away from the trailer since she doesn't want to be lectured by her parents. Fend up with her attitude the parents tell Luke to follow her and try to communicate with her. The woman returns to knock on the trailer and runs off again so the parents head out to find their kids. Luke and Kinsey explore the trailer park and find an open trailer. They find some liquor but hear a sound in the bedroom. A dog was locked in the room with two figures covered by a sheet. Luke pulls the sheet off to reveal two dead bodies.

The kids run back and collide with the parents. Mike makes the terrible decision to split up. Cindy and Kinsey head back to the trailer while Mike and Luke investigate the dead body further. Cindy and Kinsey are attacked by a woman with a doll mask and they hide in the bathroom. Mike and Luke find the dead body but someone starts throwing something at the windows. They peek outside and see the sack-head figure standing there. The doll-faced woman breaks into the bathroom as Kinsey climbs out the roof. Cindy is stabbed to death. Kinsey takes off running in terror. Mike finds a gun in the trailer and fires off warning shots but their tormentor is nowhere in sight. 

Mike and Luke return to the trailer to find Cindy's dead body. Swallowing their grief, they take the minivan and search for Kinsey but something hits their car and Mike swerves into a trailer. A piece of wood pierces the windshield and goes through Mike. The father encourages his son to leave and find his daughter so Luke reluctantly agrees. The masked killer sits next to Mike and plays music until he stabs him in the throat. Kinsey runs from the killers but is attacked by one of the women killers until Luke shows up and makes her back off at gunpoint though I thought they should have shot her right then. Kinsey is injured from the attack and they retreat to another trailer to tend to her wounds.

The masked man drives his truck through the trailer and the two kids flee. Luke tells Kinsey to hide since she can't walk and he goes to the main office to try to call for help. He manages to call the police but the phone is cut off and the killers attack him. He kills one of the women when the masked man attacks him. They fight in the pool until the man stabs Luke. Kinsey helps him out of the pool and hides him. She takes off running for the main road when a car drives towards her. A policeman gets out and asks her what is wrong when he gets his throat cut. Kinsey manages to get the shotgun from the cop car and shoots the killer woman. The masked man crashes the truck into the cop car but Kinsey escapes and lights the leaking gas to cause an explosion. Kinsey manages to escape and live. Though her brother is injured, Luke lives too. The Strangers: Prey at Night is not as bad a sequel as I thought. It has some decent horror though it does suffer from characters making poor decisions. I liked that the victims fought back in this film.   

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