Saturday, February 17, 2018

TV Show Review: Mosaic

This new HBO limited series murder mystery boasts some incredible performances and interesting plot twists. The story jumps around in time a little bit as it introduces the victim and stays with her through the first two episodes but the viewer knows that something happens just not how or why. I had heard that the show existed also as a mobile app and downloaded it but never watched anything on it or engaged in that experience. I do like to think that there will be new ways to consume content but I'm still conventional in watching shows on television as of now. Children's author Olivia Lake (Sharon Stone) lives in an isolated Utah but there are wealthy neighbors that are trying to obtain parts of her land. Several conspiracies swirl around her of which she is not always aware but the land she lives contain important minerals.

Michael O'Connor (James Ransone) felt as if Olivia Lake was his mother as she took part in raising him up to be a billionaire art collector. Olivia takes interest in a bartender and aspiring author Joel Hurley (Garrett Hedlund) who she allows to stay in a room in her barn as he does odd jobs around her house. She falls for Eric Neill (Frederick Weller) But she is not aware of his ulterior motives of conning her out of her land. Olivia has a written a children's story that can be experienced two ways by walking down a trail on her property. One way on the trail makes a hunter seem innocent while another is more sympathetic to the bears that are hunted. Eric also falls for Olivia but when he confesses that the only reason he met her was to con her, she throws him out in a rage. She also demands that Joel leave and pay him the rent he owes her, so Joel storms back to the barn where he is living and drinks heavily.

Olivia winds up missing and presumed and Eric is the prime suspect. Joel does not remember the night before but wants to hide a possible affair from his wife Laura (Maya Kazan) so he comes up with a fake alibi with his friend Frank Scott (Jeremy Bobb) that they went to the movies that night. Nate Henry (Devin Ratray) takes over the investigation and it focuses on Eric, finding out where he went after leaving Olivia's house from his sister Petra (Jennifer Ferrin). As the authorities haul in Eric and he denies hurting Olivia, Nate begins to doubt all the evidence pointing to the con man. He tries to investigate other possible suspects but his boss Alan Pape (Beau Bridges) rushes to close the case. 

Years later, Petra begins to have doubts of her own about her brother's guilt and she starts to dig up old clues. She convinces Nate to start looking over the case again and goes down to ask Joel about his involvement even convincing him to return to Salt Lake City since he left shortly after the murder to lead gator tours in Louisiana. They start to discover old clues and Olivia's body is finally discovered highly decomposed. Certain objects link Joel to the murder but Eric is still taking the blame. Joel tries to figure out if he did it or not but he can't be sure since he was so drunk and his real alibi doesn't cover the time when Olivia was murdered. Petra puts it all together and learns that Michael O'Connor was responsible for Olivia's death so that they could possess the land and make a fortune but Nate is convinced it was Joel so Joel confesses and goes to jail for the crime.

Mosaic had a decent mystery but ultimately the twist turned out to be too inconsequential and not shift the narrative enough to be surprising. I did like Jennifer Ferrin's performance as the civilian investigator trying to free her brother and Frederick Weller was great as the wrongly accused. Garrett Hedlund is the most recognizable actor after Sharon Stone and it's clear why one of them is a huge star and the other's career is on the rise. I did wish there was more Olivia Lake as Sharon Stone is always fun to watch. Devin Ratray is someone I will keep an eye out for as his performance carried many scenes as the detective while James Ransome brought a certain amount of creepiness. The idea was there but the solution wasn't clever enough to warrant all the hype. Still, I'm posting this review a bit late as I watched the show a week or so ago and the episodes came out all in one week so viewers can finish it on their own time. 

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