Saturday, February 10, 2018

TV Show Review: Happy!

This irreverent and violent comedy television show pits an ex-cop hitman with an imaginary unicorn to make for one of the best buddy cop shows of the year. Nick Sax (Christopher Meloni) is a hard-drinking, pill-popping assassin given the task of taking out the three sons of a mob boss. Hailey Hansen (Bryce Lorenzo) is happy to attend the concert of superstar Sonny Shine (Christopher Fitzgerald) with her imaginary friend Happy (Patton Oswalt) and her mom Amanda (Medina Senghore) when an evil Santa (Joseph D. Reitman) kidnaps her. Happy seeks out Hailey's father, Nick Sax who asks him to help though Sax is not sure the talking flying unicorn is real. Sax not only kills the three mob boss sons but Mikey Scaramucci (Gus Halper) who has a secret password that can shift the balance in the fight between gangs.

Nick Sax is believed to have this password and when he wakes up from a heart attack in the hospital. He is attacked by the torturer Smoothie (Patrick Fischler) who executes the commands of the mobster Francisco Scaramucci (Ritchie Coster). Nick escapes the hospital after violently killing several of Smoothie's henchmen and he returns to his house where gangsters are waiting to kill him. Once again Nick shows how he can take out whole crews and this convinces Happy that he can help Haley. Meanwhile, Sax's ex-partner Det. Meredith McCarthy (Lili Mirojnick) begins investigating Hailey's disappearance when confronted by Amanda but she is also under the thumb of Scaramucci so cannot be fully trusted.

Sax searches around the city for the deranged Santa Claus going to a strip club where he learns clues but is also attacked. In flashbacks, it shows that Sax was cheating on Amanda with his partner and after he witnesses a violent murder, he freaks out at Amanda for telling him she's pregnant. In the present, Santa eats Happy but throws him up with a fortune from a fortune cookie which leads Sax to Chinatown where he is attacked by Yakuza gangsters. Scaramucci's sister Isabella (Debi Mazar) mourns her son but also continues her reality television show. Hailey is transferred to a new prison with other kids where they are kept in captivity by Smoothie who has a strange way of acting. Sax goes to meet Amanda after being talked out of leaving the city by Happy. 

The reunion with Amanda goes wrong for Sax where masked men attack them so he decides to kill himself on the train tracks much to the distress of Happy who disappears. Sax encounters the demonically possessed body of Mikey Scaramucci and uses it to bargain with Francisco. Happy retreats to a support group for imaginary friends but is tricked by one of them to go back to a boy's house and be tortured. The boy turns out to be Scaramucci's son. Mikey escapes and Sax is captured. He is about to be killed when he accepts belief in Happy who causes a distraction to help Sax escape. Amanda confronts Sonny Shine learning that he is the costumed bug that masterminded this awful plot as McCarthy also learns about Scaramucci's deceit. They seek out Sonny Shine's warehouse and free the kids but Sax has to fight Smoothie and then evil Santa Claus as Amanda confronts Sonny Shine. Sax has a heart attack and is believed to be dead. Happy returns to Hailey but says goodbye and fades away. In prison, Francisco meets with Mikey and the demon transfers to his body.

It looks like Happy and Nick Sax will be teaming up again from the final scene of the credits and I can't wait to see what happens next. The show is outrageously funny and violent though at times it fails to keep the high octane momentum and gets lost in a convoluted plot that doesn't much affect the enjoyment of the show. I enjoyed most of it though it dragged at times and I think the premise is great. I will definitely have to check out the graphic novel the show is based on. 

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