Thursday, February 8, 2018

Sports: NFL (Super Bowl LII)

The Super Bowl is the greatest American sporting event and this year turned out to be especially entertaining. I'm trying to catch up on my blog posts so I'm not getting to this until several days after the exciting game with a stunning victory. I wanted to write about the Pro Bowl but just didn't get a chance to recap the AFC's defeat of the NFC. This will be the last time I write about football for months when the next season starts and I will miss it. I enjoyed this season somewhat, I think more so because of the victory at the end. There is no sport as entertaining but I am into the transition to NBA, college basketball, and the NHL.

Philadelphia Eagles vs New England Patriots
The underdogs with the backup quarterback stunned the world on Super Bowl Sunday with an offensive show that was exciting and fun to watch. The Philadelphia Eagles exchanged field goals with the New England Patriots early in the first quarter until the Eagles pulled ahead with a touchdown but missed the extra point. Philadelphia increased their lead with a touchdown to start the second quarter scoring. A field goal and a touchdown start the Patriots' comeback, but Nick Foles and the Eagles got a touchdown before the mediocre halftime show with Justin Timberlake.
The Patriots responded with a touchdown the Eagles came right back with one themselves. New England got one more pass into the end zone before the end of the third quarter. An Eagles field goal extended their lead but they fell behind when Tom Brady drove down the field with passed to Rob Gronkowski. A touchdown but failed two-point conversion put Philadelphia up by five with the ball in the hands of the greatest quarterback of all time. The Eagles' defense managed to hold strong forcing Tom Brady a fumble and allowing them to get another field goal. The Patriots had one more chance for the touchdown but the hail mary pass to Gronkowski from Brady failed. The Philadelphia Eagles won Super Bowl LII 41-33. Nick Foles was the MVP.

I'll have to wait until September to make my predictions for next year but I'm looking forward to seeing the changes the Falcons make while also watching out for the 49ers or a Patriots return. I'll have a chance to write about the NBA during their All-Star break in a week or so and I'll catch up on the NCAA Men's Basketball during the conference tournaments.  

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