Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Sports: NFL Playoffs (Conference Championships)

The determination of the two contenders in the Super Bowl promised excitement as the best two teams from each conference compete. Unfortunately, the NFL has come up short on exciting games this year so only a half of the competitions were entertaining. The other was decided by a large number of points but that does not mean that that team is favored when it comes to the final round of professional football this year. 

AFC Championship
For the second year in a row and adding to the many numbers of times, the New England Patriots entered the AFC Championship and ended with triumph. The Jacksonville Jaguars put up a fight with a strong first half but they could not stop Tom Brady even after they eliminated his best receiver due to the concussion protocol. The Jaguars weren't able to generate a large enough lead and the greatest quarterback of all time did what he does best, driving down the field to take the lead with only a short amount of time left on the clock. The Patriots will enter the Super Bowl again as the favored team and a legacy to uphold. 
NFC Championship
The blowout game surprised me as the backup quarterback Nick Foles threw for a stunning game and the Philadelphia defense shut down the Vikings and their rookie quarterback. The Eagles went up early and never look back getting 24 points in the first half and adding two more touchdowns in the second as they shut out the Vikings just like they did the Falcons the week before. Despite the impressive performance, the Eagles still have a lot to prove with a backup quarterback and a strong defense to take on the legendary reigning champions. 

It will be tough to say goodbye to football this season though it ends in a dull fashion. I don't care much for either of these teams but I'll still be watching come Super Bowl Sunday. My attention will slowly drift to the NBA as I catch up on who leads there and start to follow teams to get a sense of the league. I'll probably write a few sports post about basketball and maybe even hockey next month. 

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