Thursday, January 11, 2018

Sports: College Football National Championship

The National Championship turned out to be an exciting late night finale to the college football season. I am still recovering from staying up past midnight and having to do a few other things this week so my post is coming a bit late. This is more of a personal record for me to remember this extraordinary game. The Georgia Bulldogs took the lead in the second quarter and were up 13-0 to zero after shutting out the Crimson Tide in the first half. Nick Saban made a bold decision to substitute his starting quarterback and put in Tua Tagovailoa who drove down the field for a touchdown. 

The Bulldogs scored another touchdown but it still wasn't enough to pull away. The Crimson Tide managed to make up for a rookie interception by getting an interception of their own. They followed up with two field goals to put them in the position for a great comeback. They scored the tying touchdown and stopped Georgia from making a winning drive. Alabama almost won it but their kicker missed the game-winning field goal. Georgia managed to get a field goal on the first drive of overtime but a pass from Tagovailoa won the game for Alabama 26-23. This was a Championship for the history books.

I don't much care for these teams but I would have preferred a Bulldogs win over the Tide. Still, I ordered an Alabama hat to commemorate the stunning victory. My attention turns to college basketball where a ton of crazy stuff is going on and I hope to be posting about later this month! 

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