Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Music: Grammy Awards 2018

I enjoy researching music a little further around this time of the year and finding out about songs and albums that I missed the year before. The 60th Annual Grammy Awards will help me find music of various genres and see which songs and albums will triumph as the winners. In previous years, I've had time to analyze all the nominees but this year for all the awards shows, I'm just writing about the winners and the show while mentioning a few nominees that I also liked. There is a pre-show where they announce a few winners and I guessed a few of the categories that were announced before and most of the awards that were announced during the broadcast. Whatever wins, I enjoy a night to think about music and celebrate the great performances and productions of the year before. The ceremony was a little disappointing but I've come to realize the Grammys are a few years behind popular opinion.

Bruno Mars is the big winner for Grammy night as I started to suspect as we approached the ceremony and I listened to the music more frequently. Not only did 24K Magic win Album of the Year but That's What I Like won Song of the Year and the song 24K Magic won Record of the Year. I was rooting for a little more diverse choices but I should've known better from the previous Grammys that I had paid attention to this year. 

New Artist
Alessia Cara won this award in a stacked category but as I saw a few moments after the award was announced, a lot of great artists have lost the award before. Cara has some great songs and I enjoy listening to her music and this whole category has a whole bunch of songs attributed to the artists recognized are just amazing, especially Khalid who had my favorite song of last year. 
Other Awards  
Ed Sheeran took home several pop awards despite not even showing up for the award but Divide was a great album that I enjoyed several songs off of. Kendrick Lamar dominated the hip-hop category with his new album DAMN which I liked quite a bit though I'm not as big a fan of Kendrick as I thought I would be. Christ Stapleton took many country awards and I'm glad that the top of country music at the moment is an artist who I really enjoy and even thought about buying tickets to his show until I saw how expensive they were. Childish Gambino and SZA didn't win any awards or if they did, I didn't see what they were, which is disappointing because they both put out awesome creative albums. Music will go on whether the Grammys get it or not but it would be nice to see great artists awarded for their work. 

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