Monday, January 8, 2018

Golden Globes 2018

The first awards show that I'll write about this year comes a little early for me as I've not been able to catch a lot of the nominees, especially in some of the big film awards. I usually write about the nominees before the show but I'm just going to do one spot talking about the show and the winners since I don't have opinions about things I'm only looking forward to seeing in the next week. Surprisingly, I did see a lot of the winners as the Hollywood Foreign Press made some interesting choices that I'm not sure will transfer to the Academy Awards. 

Best Motion Picture - Drama
I actually read an article about the controversial characters in Three Billboard Outside Ebbing, Missouri right before the awards show but remember the story being full of twist and turns and a ton of shocking revelations to make it entertaining. It is hard to argue with Frances McDormand being awarded Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama along with Martin McDonagh winning Best Screenplay. The most controversial character is portrayed by Sam Rockwell who won Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture. I had predicted this film to be totally shutout so was thrown off guard by the sweep as I forgot that awards shows don't react to controversy as fast as social media. I enjoyed many parts of the film and understand how it won over the voters but could see the backlash hurting it in the next competition.
Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy
Greta Gerwig's heartfelt story Lady Bird is full of hilarious scenes and a beautiful coming of age story. Saoirse Ronan is brilliant in the lead role which is why she deserved her win for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy. Gerwig deserved to be recognized in the director category but was left off. Lady Bird could ride this momentum to an Academy Award Best Picture.
Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Drama

Gary Oldman's performance had a lot of tough competition as a younger newcomer and a retiring veteran challenged him but with stellar makeup and a brilliant performance, the skilled actor was barely recognizable. The film centers around Oldman's Winston Churchill and would hardly be worthwhile watch without his deep dive into the role. 

Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture  - Musical or Comedy
The performance to best challenge the Drama category when they are combined is James Franco playing Tommy Wiseau. In one of the more awkward moments of the night, Wiseau tried to make a speech when Franco one but the actor pushed him back to deliver thanks to his family and friends. 
Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture
I was unable to catch I, Tonya yet but I looked forward to seeing Allison Janney in her award-winning role as she is a wonderful performer and I can only imagine this is the role of a lifetime that should get her many awards. 

Best Director - Motion Picture
I have yet to see this beautiful looking film but I am even more excited after Guillermo Del Toro won this award. The direction looks especially amazing and I'll have a lot more to say in two weeks when the film finally comes to Kentucky. 

Best Television Series - Drama
The most powerful television show of the year that tells a story of our haunted past placed in the future by the brilliant author Margaret Atwood. Elizabeth Moss also took the Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series - Drama.

Best Television Series - Musical or Comedy
One show that I was able to catch at the very end of last year and finally reviewed this month was The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and I enjoyed it immensely. Rachel Brosnahan is brilliant, delivering jokes on stage earning the Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series - Musical or Comedy

Best Television Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television
Big time movie actresses made this limited series a must-see event that delivered a powerful story about abuse and the secrets a wealthy society keeps. Nicole Kidman shows her amazing skill as the abused wife winning Best Actress, Limited Series and Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd won Best Supporting Actor Limited Series as her husband. I also had the chance to read this amazing book and would enjoy seeing more of what the creators come up with. 

Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series - Musical or Comedy

I have enjoyed acting and comedy from Aziz Ansari for quite some time so it is really nice to see him awarded for his great Netflix show. Not only is he deserving of this award but he is breaking down barriers while he does it. 

Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series - Drama
This Is Us is a show that I always kind of forget about how great it is and then another episode comes on and the rush of emotions flow. Sterling K. Brown is a great actor and I can't wait to see him in more movies or television shows as he has delivered tons of stellar performances including his role in this basic cable show. 

The Golden Globes had a lot of stunning awards but also a lot of performances and films that deserved it so while some great movies were shutout this year, they still have a chance at the Oscars but it is also a testament to how many great movies came out this year. 

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