Monday, December 18, 2017

TV Show Review: The Exorcist (Season 2)

The second season of this horror television show based on the classic film sees the two main priests setting out into the world to fight the demons they encounter. Father Tomas Ortega (Alfonso Herrera) and Father Marcus Keane (Ben Daniels) seek out demonic presences that have possessed individuals. Their unconventional methods and the events of the first season have left them excommunicated from the church that may have a corruption of its own to deal with. They start the season in Montana where the locals do not believe the priests' grand claims. They do find success before heading out to Seattle where another little girl is told she is possessed. The priests discover that the girl, Harper (Beatrice Kitsos) has been dosed by her mother with hallucinogens. They pull Harper out of this troubled living situation and bring her to a foster family that has troubles of its own.  

Andrew Kim (John Cho) has adopted four children and keeps the house open for others as well. Grace (Amélie Eve) has strange habits like a fear of going outside, socializing, and must always wear a creepy mask. Andrew works to make her feel comfortable and he can't always give attention to the other kids like Verity (Brianna Hildebrand), Truck (Cyrus Arnold), the religious Shelby (Alex Barima), and the blind Caleb (Hunter Dillon). When there is an incident with Caleb, the social worker Rose (Li Jun Li) comes around to investigate. The family reels from the death of Andrew's wife Nicole (Alicia Witt) who mysteriously died one day while swimming in the nearby lake. 

At the Vatican, Father Bennett (Kurt Egylawan) hopes to uncover a plot of demons but he is betrayed and nearly killed until Mouse (Zuleikha Robinson) helps him defeat the demons and recruits him to join the exorcists. Tomas and Marcus visit Harper at the foster home and discover a malevolent presence. Andrew learns that Grace is a figment of his imagination and the demon uses his love of Nicole to trick its way into possessing him. It also uses a doll to take over Truck's body and makes him attack Verity. Truck is locked up and Rose decides to hang around.Both the priests decide they want to learn more even as Marcus cautions Tomas not to trust the images the demon shows him. Andrew tries to cover up that he is possessed but when Harper's mother breaks in to take her child back, Andrew disembowels her and reveals his demonic powers.

The priests tie Andrew down and start to perform an exorcist as all the other kids try to explain to the neighbors that he is just sick. Mouse and Father Bennett journey to Seattle to find Tomas and Marcus but Bennett is injured so Mouse has to take him to the hospital. Andrew breaks free and kidnaps all the kids threatening to kill them all at once but Verity escapes having learned this talent from her troubled early life. Tomas uses his powers to enter the demon and fight it as Marcus helps the kids escape from Andrew. Mouse arrives in time to help Tomas and together they try to save Andrew but they are unsuccessful. The series ends with promises of a further story but with all the strange things going on at FOX, it may never happen.

I liked this unique reboot of the Exorcist series as there is even a final scene with Father Bennett that harkens back to one of the scariest scenes in the third film. I usually enjoy films or television about demonic possession and find the stories especially creepy. This season had a lot of horrifying images, though the jump scares are at a minimum since this is basic cable television. John Cho does great being possessed as Herrera and Daniels make an impressive duo hunting down demons. I would enjoy another season as they travel across the country finding monsters. I hope the show continues but if it doesn't, I'm glad we got to see these two very entertaining and decently scary seasons. 

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