Wednesday, December 13, 2017

TV Show Review: Easy (Season 2)

This strange romantic comedy from Netflix that tells different stories in the episodes that are only loosely connected. The stories explore the trouble of romance in various forms along with the difficulties of getting by and other relationships. From a burlesque dancer in a strong feminist relationship to a pair of friends running a brewery, the show bounces all over Chicago and offers up stories that wouldn't normally be told in long twelve episodes continuous plots. The second season continues to tell some of the stories of characters that were introduced in the first season while also introducing new characters. The stories are only loosely connected and don't have many consequences for any overall plot. Still, I find the show enjoyable and entertaining. 

The first episode Package Thief tells the story of a young couple, Lindsay (Aubrey Plaza) and Harrison (Lawrence Michael Levine), who live in a new neighborhood. They have block parties and socialize but other neighbors like Mike (Joe Lo Truglio) go to extremes when a mysterious man starts stealing packages from their doorsteps. Lindsay tries to encourage their neighbors to buy local but she even shows her anger when she catches the thief red-handed and chases him down. The next episode Open Marriage explores a married couple's attempt to sleep with other people. Amy (Lindsay Burdge) proposes the idea in couple's therapy and sets up a date shortly after Kyle (Michael Chernus) agrees to try it. Amy sets up a date but it doesn't go well so she goes home with a stranger while Kyle tries to have sex with someone he knows but she isn't ready.

Side Hustle shows the life of a comedian and Uber driver Od (Odinaki Malachi Ezeokoli) and a writer and prostitute Sally (Karley Sciortino). Spent Grain revisits two friends who started a brewery Jeff (Dave Franco) and Matt (Evan Jonigkeit). Their wives Noelle (Zazie Beetz) and Sherri (Aya Cash) have started a dog treat business with the remaining grain and found success. The friends clash on their vision for the future of the brewery. Conjugality sees author Jacob (Marc Maron) trying to reconnect with his ex-wife Karen (Michaela Watkins) to promote a reissue of his book and it turns into something more. Prodigal Daughter tells the story of a girl Grace (Danielle Macdonald) who pushes her parents including her mother Gretchen (Judy Greer) to rethink their religious faith. 

Lady Cha Cha shows the clashing of views and reality as strong feminist Jo (Jacqueline Toboni) struggles with her girlfriend Chase (Kiersey Clemons) dancing burlesque with her friend Amber (Jaz Sinclair). The final episode of the second season Baby Steps tells the story of a woman Annie (Kate Micucci) who takes care of a child for several days after a bad break up. She wants to have her own child but feels her biological clock ticking. By the end, she asks to be a part of the family not even requiring a babysitting fee.

Easy is a sweet, short, simple show that explores the complications of marriage, companionship, friendship, and all the other relationships that we as human beings must deal with. The multiple stories allow for scenes and characters that we wouldn't always see in a full season. I enjoyed nearly every episode finding them moving and funny in their own unique ways. The show doesn't seem to garner a lot of attention but I was happy to see it show up on the list of new shows available to stream. I know that Netflix is coming up wtih more shows and I look forward to seeing more shows like this one.

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