Wednesday, December 6, 2017

TV Show Review: Chance (Season 2)

Hulu's original series surprised me with how interesting it was and the compelling characters. The streaming network has experimented with original content and produced some entertaining shows so I was able to give Chance a few episodes and found it to be something worth my time. The first season dealt with neuro-psychiatrist Eldon Chance (Hugh Laurie) and his obsession with a patient Jaclyn Blackstone (Gretchen Mol). While Jaclyn absence from the second season was noticeable, the introduction of the vicious murderer and tech mogul Ryan Winter (Paul Schneider) made the next round of episodes chilling. Chance and his violent acquaintance D (Ethan Suplee) help victims of violent crime and find their harassers. The doctor has become comfortable in his role as a vigilante but when he brutally assaults Winter, he feels guilty and phones the police.

Chance is able to find these victims because he has been hired on at a new center run by Kristen Clayton (Elizabeth Rodriguez). Chance has struck up a relationship with Kristen which he tries to keep secret but it is obvious to Chance's longtime assistant Lucy (Greta Lee) who Chance has hired on to help him. Chance wants to distance himself from Winter but Detective Kevin Hynes (Brian Goodman) blackmails Chance into helping him much to D's disdain. They work together on the case as Hynes is obsessed about Winter and a murder he once committed, a young boy criminal informant for Hynes with whom the detective also had a relationship. Eldon is dealing with a problem on the homefront as well as his daughter Nicole (Stefania LaVie Owen) deals with the trails of growing up in a more extreme manner. Eldon realizes it may have something to do with his own personality disorders that led to a troubled past. Complicating matters are frequent disagreements with his ex-wife Christina (Diane Farr).

Chance goes out of his way to insert himself into Winter's care but the consequences are dire as one of his other patients ends up dead after describing her abuse in detail. Winter leaves the victim in a position that signals to Chance who did it while Chance has no proof. Winter works to cover his tracks and make the victim's husband take the blame. D breaks into Winter's house to learn more about him and meets Winter's housekeeper Lorena (Ginger Gonzaga). D forms a relationship with her that grows steadily through the episodes. Nicole finds herself betrayed by a friend at school so she reacts violently. She starts learning to attack from D but Chance is wary of how his daughter handles troubling situations. The parents of the girl she attacks file charges and she finds herself in legal trouble. 

Chance has his own legal trouble as Kristen suspects he might be taking vengeance against their patients' abusers. He closes in on Winter earning his trust somewhat and pushing him to lash out. Hynes loses his job over the investigation and is troubled when evidence fails to lead to an easy conviction. He jumps at the chance to arrest Winter when another detective Frank Lambert (Tim Griffin) tells him that he is going to confront the rich mogul. It turns out in a stunning twist that Lambert was working with Winter the whole time as they knew each other since they were young and have been committing murders since the beginning. Christina ships Nicole off to a reform school when she dodges jail time but remains unremorseful. Nicole escapes into hiding. Chance figures out that Lambert is the true killer after Winter confesses but ends up dead in jail. D disappears to help Lorena fight off a cartel boss who demands the child inside of her. Chance heads down to help D who ends up in a hospital after being poisoned but he misses his sentencing hearing leaving him on the other side of the law. They return to California only to take down Lambert finally before returning to Mexico where Chance renews his practice of helping victims.

Chance surprised me as a Hulu original that I started kind of skeptically willing to give it a few episodes but found myself engaged after only three or four. I was excited to see a new season come out and was able to keep up with it though I liked for a few episodes to come out so I could watch a few at a time. While the second season concludes in a way that could end the story, I would like to see Hugh Laurie and Ethan Suplee return for another season. I am also curious about author Kem Nunn's novel of the same name and hope to pick that up some time in the future. 

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