Wednesday, November 22, 2017

TV Show Review: You're the Worst (Season 4)

After a stunning end to the third season, Jimmy Shive-Overly (Chris Geere) and Gretchen Cutler (Aya Cash) return for a hilarious fourth season. Jimmy left Gretchen right after proposing to her and it picks up this season with Jimmy hiding out in a trailer community for old people. Gretchen hasn't left the apartment of her best friend Lindsay Jillian (Kether Donohue). In Jimmy's absence, Edgar Quintero (Desmin Borges) has taken over his house and redecorated, something Jimmy would never let happen. Lindsay has found success at a fashion boutique while Edgar is writing for a comedy television show. The two of them meet to commiserate about their friends and end up in bed together but strictly as friends. Jimmy decides to return after he sees the life of a lonely old man but Gretchen does not take his return well. 

What also brought Jimmy back was the success of his romance novel, The Width of a Peach, which he wrote while dating Gretchen. Unfortunately for Jimmy, the book is being advertised by the publishers as erotica. Gretchen gets out trying to forget about Jimmy and ends up meeting Boone (Colin Ferguson). She also has to explain to Sam (Brandon Mychal Smith) and his crew about why she lied about being in another country during her three-month sabbatical in Lindsay's apartment. Gretchen also realizes that she doesn't need to let Jimmy off and decides that she still has a right to live in his house. She moves back in and works to sabotage his career. Lindsay worries that she doesn't have any real friends at work and when Gretchen throws her a divorce party none of them show up. 

Who does show up to Lindsay's party are her sister Becca (Janet Varney), Becca's husband Vernon (Todd Robert Anderson), and even Lindsay's ex-husband Paul (Allan McLeod) who has become part of a men's rights activist group. Jimmy searches for love in other places but hooking up with a fellow erotica author and an old friend only make him miss Gretchen more. Gretchen discovers that Boone has a daughter and works to be a part of their life. Edgar is unsuccessful in bonding with Jimmy so he turns to his new work friend, Max (Johnny Pemberton). Edgar tells Max about his past in the military and his struggles with drug addiction which only puts off Max and derails his career in various ways. Lindsay has revelations about her past with her sister Becca about their mother. 

Gretchen returns home, reconnects with an old friend Heidi (Zosia Mamet), and learns about herself. Jimmy embarrasses himself on NPR while Vernon struggles between taking care of the baby Becca has no interest in and his job as a surgeon. Gretchen tries to bond with Boone's daughter but finds things are off. Lindsay thinks about her past as she helps people and cautions Gretchen from getting involved in Boone's child's life. Jimmy and Gretchen try to figure out what their future will be when Vernon makes an awful mistake at surgery. Edgar thinks he got a promotion but he actually got a bad assignment. Lindsay helps Becca, Vernon, and Paul by coming up with a strange plan. Jimmy fights Boone for Gretchen and thinks he lost but then Gretchen runs out and decides to marry him.

You're the Worst is one of the most hilariously bizarre television shows with great characters and tons of one-liners. The show explores the difficult nature of relationships and surviving as a young professional in a competitive city like Los Angeles. The show veers off into weird stories sometimes but often is so funny that it doesn't really matter. The episodes are unpredictable but always falls back on Jimmy and Gretchen's rough relationship. The acting is great for these funny characters. FX has a great romantic comedy going strong through four seasons. 

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