Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Sports: NFL (Week 9-12)

The NFL has been through a lot of controversies but that has mostly been political. The actual games have been a bit slow which I think has accounted for some of the drop off in viewers. Due to my habit of writing a novel every November, I took a pause at the beginning of the month from writing about sports but I'll catch up with the top team in each division. I have been paying attention and got some of the better games and even watched some of the boring ones. Football will always be entertaining to me even if sometimes I do think it is rough on the players and things should change in the future. The political controversy makes the sport more appealing to me and I hope players continue to protest.

NFC East
The best record in the NFL is a team that I am totally shocked has risen to the top. After their only loss in the second week, they have won nine straight. Their most recent wins have been against weaker teams but two NFC West should prove a challenge or give them credibility as a Super Bowl competitor. They do not have much competition in their division.

NFC North
The Minnesota Vikings have taken advantage of an injured Green Bay Packers to lead the North. They have won seven straight including the NFC West top team the Rams and their divisional rival the Lions. Two games against the NFC South teams the Falcons and the Panthers should be tough but could give them the chance to prove their staying power for the playoffs.

NFC South
While the Saints hold the advantage with a win over Carolina previously in the season, the Panthers beat the Jets last week while New Orleans lost to Los Angeles. Carolina has won four straight while the Saints won eight games before their recent loss. I am hoping the Atlanta Falcons come back with a ton of wins at the end of the season to win this division.

NFC West
The Los Angeles Rams have started to capitalize on the move to the new city. They lost to the Vikings before they beat the Saints but won four in a row before the last two games. They lost to the Seattle Seahawks once but could lose the top spot if they lose to them again.


AFC East
The New England Patriots are gearing up for another run at the Super Bowl and I don't really see anyone stopping them. They've won seven straight since their second loss to the Panthers. Their schedule looks pretty easy with a lot of divisional games and one challenge from the Steelers, a preview of the likely AFC Championship.

AFC North
The Pittsburgh Steelers have risen above a rough start. After disappointing losses, the Steelers have won six straight including an exciting Monday night game against the Packers. The rest of the division is weak so they should cruise to the playoffs with only the Patriots game in three weeks as a challenge. 

AFC South
This division is weak with two top teams in the Jaguars and Titans who have both had disappointing losses. Recently the Titans loss to the Steelers before a win over the Colts. A four-game win streak before that keeps them at the top but it wasn't against top teams. Jacksonville also has a four-game win streak that keeps them tied to the Titans. They most recently lost to the Cardinals. 

AFC West
The Kansas City Chiefs started as one of the hottest team in the league but have fallen so far that they may not win the division. Three straight losses against pitiful teams make this season an embarrassment for the Chiefs while the Chargers sneak up with two recent wins.

The NFL is always full of excitement and the last month will offer five games for each team that will have crucial impact on the playoffs. Most teams have settled into their positions but their may be some upsets in the weaker divisions and the wild card teams still have to be decided. 

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