Thursday, November 2, 2017

Sports: NFL (Week 7&8)

Two weeks of football has had some new teams rise to the top. As I looked back at the standings from last year, many different teams were leading each division, at least in the NFC. The AFC has some familiar teams at the top and it looks like it could be a repeat for the reigning champions. The season still has a long way to go so teams that look terrible right now could turn it around though there are some teams that the season is just over for. As we head into the final two months of the regular season with a ton of excitement on the way for nine more weeks, I'll be looking forward to which teams distinguish themselves as it gets closer to the playoffs.

NFC East
The Philadelphia Eagles look like the best team in the league. In the last two weeks, the Eagles have beat the 49ers and the Redskins before that, for the second time, so not the most impressive wins. Philadelphia's future looks a  little tougher with the Broncos this next weekend and division rival the Cowboys after that. The Dallas Cowboys have a lot of catching up to do but two wins recently also against the Redskins and 49ers have kept them in the chase. They are missing their star running back for the next few weeks so that may cause them some problems going forward against the Chiefs and Falcons. The two division losses for the Washington Redskins have put them in third and their schedule does not look easy with division leaders in the Seahawks and Vikings next. The New York Giants have given up this season with only a win against the Broncos before another loss to the Seahawks.

NFC North
The Minnesota Vikings have capitalized on an opponent's injury and won the last two games against the Ravens and the Browns in London. Their next two games against the Redskins and Rams won't be easy but will prove they deserve the top spot. A bye week and another loss for the Green Bay Packers does not bode well for their season moving forward without their starting quarterback. They'll face their division rival the Detroit Lions on Monday night then go at the Chicago Bears. The Lions have lost two straight going into Monday night's game but will have the Browns after the Packers on Mondy. The Bears have had a rough season but a win over the Panthers showed some light followed by a loss from the Saints. They have a bye week, then face the Packers too.

NFC South
The New Orleans Saints have risen to the top of this division after winning five games in a row including recent wins over the Packers and Bears. The Saints lost their first two games but rallied back. They have a divisional game against the Buccaneers this weekend and the Bills after. The Carolina Panthers have been inconsistent with a disappointing loss to the Bears before beating the Buccaneers. They'll go up against the Falcons this weekend then take on the Dolphins. The Atlanta Falcons have me worried as my favorite team. I've grown used to disappointment but they had a similar record last year. A blowout loss to the Patriots was disheartening for Atlanta but they may be back on track after a win over the Jets. The game against Carolina will make or break the season. After the Panthers, Atlanta has another challenge in the Cowboys. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have lost four in a row including Bills and Panthers leaving them at the bottom of the division. Their future games of the Saints and Jets won't be easy. 

NFC West
The Seattle Seahawks rose to the top after wins over the Giants and the Texans. They can probably beat the Redskins and Cardinals to stay in that position. The Los Angeles Rams are right behind them after two wins over the Jaguars and Cardinals. They can stay on Seattle's heels with wins over the Giants and the Texans. The Arizona Cardinals loss to the Rams after beating the Buccaneers. If they beat the 49ers, which should be easy, and upset the Seahawks, they'll be back in the fight. The San Francisco 49ers are truly the worst team in football losing 8 straight and no wins. 

AFC East
The reigning Super Bowl champions find themselves back in control after winning four in a row. The New England Patriots have the Broncos and Raiders next. The Buffalo Bills are right behind them winning the last two agains the Buccaneers and Raiders. They take on the Jets then Saints. The Dolphins beat the Jets but lost to the Ravens leaving them in third but they could get back into the chase if they beat the Raiders and the Panthers. The Jets have lost three in a row so will have to bounce back against Buffalo and Tamp Bay.

AFC North
The Pittsburgh Steelers will likely return to challenge the Patriots for an AFC title after beating the Bengals and Lions. They can probably make it past the Colts and Titans too. The Ravens are mediocre after beating the Dolphins but losing to the Vikings before. They'll take on the Titans and Packers next. The Cincinnati Bengals are the team I only root for because they are always on television here but their record is rough and their play is not great. They did beat the Colts and will continue through the AFC South against the Jaguars and Titans. The Cleveland Browns have not won any games.

AFC South
The Tennessee Titans are actually tied at the top of the weakest division in the league. Two easy wins against the Browns and the Colts put them there but they'll have to survive the Ravens and Bengals to stay on top. Right behind them, the Jacksonville Jaguars are looking better than previous seasons. They beat the Colts but lost to the Rams. They'll need to beat the Bengals and Chargers to stay on top. The Houston Texans are still in it with their strong new quarterback Deshaun Watson, formerly of Clemson, They ended up losing to Seattle despite the impressive performance. Houston's road ahead includes the Colts and the Rams. The Indianapolis Colts are one of the worst team this year, they lost their last three including the Jaguars and Bengals. They will probably lose to the Texans and Steelers in the next two weeks. 

AFC West
The Kansas City Chiefs have had a solid run except for a late night loss at the last minute to the Oakland Raiders made for a crazy game and gave them a second loss in a row. They had an impressive win over the Denver Broncos after that. Going forward they have back-to-back NFC East opponent; the Cowboys and the Giants. The Denver Broncos have a decent defense but that hasn't been enough with three straight losses including to two divisional rivals, the Chargers and the Chiefs in their last two games. The Broncos future looks bleak too with games against Philadelphia and New England in the pipe. The Los Angeles Chargers did win three in a row after a four loss start including over the Broncos but then dropped another game to the Patriots. The Chargers next matches are the Jaguars and the Bills. The Oakland Raiders did beat the Chiefs but then fell to the Bills the next week. The Raiders could back to a five hundred record with wins over the Dolphins and Patriots, but not likely. 

I may not have as much time to write about football in the future so I might stick to writing every two weeks and my focus is going to be only on the top teams from here on out. 

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