Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Sports: College Football (Week 10-13)

College football has taken all sorts of twists and turns over the last four weeks and while I have watched most of the exciting games, I was unable to keep up with my blog posts about it. The games have been amazing and full of upsets that were as unpredictable as they were exciting. My plan is to recount the last four weeks through the top four teams as we head into the conference championships. I'll finish off with a few predictions and possible scenarios if the games this Saturday go a certain. I am excited to head into the most interesting time in college football as the last few weeks have been highly entertaining.

1 Clemson Tigers
The reigning National Champions find themselves back in the top spot with a target on their back. Clemson has been promoted by default. Their only big loss was earlier in the season and they've defeated the last six teams. Their biggest challenge comes from a strong Miami team that somehow got upset last week by Pittsburgh. The ACC Championship will be a competitive battle. I think that Miami will upset Clemson as I haven't been impressed by the Tigers play and the Hurricanes have something to prove. Depending on who else goes, Miami will be third or fourth but should get into the playoffs.

2 Auburn Tigers
The SEC has been a roller coaster but I did not expect it would be so crazy that the Auburn Tigers would be on top. Their incredible defeats of the Georgia Bulldogs and then the Alabama Crimson Tide two weeks later has put them in the driver seat. They will have a rematch with Georgia in the SEC Championship. The Tigers might prevail against the Bulldogs but I wouldn't be surprised if Georgia responds and earns a spot in the playoffs. Alabama's chances depend more on the other championships.

3 Oklahoma Sooners
The Sooners feel like the surest bet to make it into the playoffs. Wins over Oklahoma State and TCU earned them the spot after an early season upset by Iowa State. Oklahoma faces TCU again and I don't think the Horned Frogs will win but even if they do, they won't make it into the playoffs. With the top Heisman candidate, Oklahoma will be one of the biggest threats and could move up to first or second with a win. An Oklahoma loss should mean that Alabama makes it in. 

4 Wisconsin Badgers
Wisconsin hasn't had a very difficult schedule but strong wins over Iowa and Michigan have them moving into the Big Ten Championship. Their greatest challenge of the season awaits in Ohio State and I think there is a strong possibility that they could be upset. The only thing I'm unsure of is if the Buckeyes can earn a position in the playoffs or if they buy Alabama that spot.

Anything could still happen and this season has been wildly unpredictable. The four teams that are at the top control their destiny but upsets could cause all sorts of chaos in the ranks right before the decision to pick the playoff teams. I'll try to write after the conference championships when the actual four teams are decided. 

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