Saturday, October 21, 2017

TV Show Review: Slasher: Guilty Party (Season 2)

I wasn't sure this show was going to come back but I'm glad it did as the second season offers a solid mystery with a stunning twist. The second season does not allude to the first as this horror series appears to be an anthology of sorts with different characters and stories each season. The story is told partly through flashbacks as the history of these characters and their bad deeds are revealed and mostly in the present where the gruesome murders play out. A group of camp counselors returns to the isolated site where they committed an awful murder but they encounter a commune of people doing yoga and eating vegan. When the murders start, everyone suspects everyone else and the two groups clash as the suspicions rise. 

Dawn (Paula Brancati) comes up with the idea to return to the campgrounds five years later to remove the body of Talvinder (Melinda Shankar), the woman they murdered when they were counselors. Andi (Rebecca Liddlard) reunites with her ex-boyfriend Peter (Lovell Adams-Gray) who cheated on her when they were counselors with Talvinder. Andi is the one who hit Talvinder over the head when she suddenly woke up when they try to bury her. The other friends Susan (Kaitlyn Leeb) and Noah (Jim Watson) also have guilty consciences from how they handled the situation with Talvinder. The commune led by Renée (Joanne Vannicola) are wary of these new arrivals especially when their guide is chopped up with a chainsaw and the snowmobiles are drained of gas.

Andi wanders out into the woods alone and is murdered by the masked killer and staked in the ground for Peter to find. Judith (Leslie Hope) another member of the commune is disturbed by the violent discovery and also has a strange relationship with another member Wren (Sebastian Pigott) who has a temper. Each character has their background illuminated which shows their crimes in the past either against Talvinder or Owen, the man they blamed her disappearance on. The commune members aren't innocent either like Renée life partner Antoine (Christopher Jacot) who has a violent streak and had discovered Talvinder's body. The property will be sold to develop a resort which prompted the former counselors to return and find the body and the current landowners to want to keep it quiet. 

Glenn (Ty Olsson) is a gruff commune member who doesn't follow their rules of no drugs and no meat as well as hiding something about his identity. He torments Noah (Jim Watson) a former counselor who always had a crush on Talvinder but became angry when rejected. Noah not only suffers from frostbite trying to escape when Susan is brutally murdered but he is eventually raped by Glenn when he discovers the escaped convict's true identity. Most of the murders are gruesome from Susan having her eyes cut out to Antoine having an ice drill shoved into his stomach. Mark (Paulino Nunes) is a former lawyer who saw his colleague die and so joined the commune. He strikes up a relationship with Dawn and tries to get to the bottom of the murders. 

The death toll rises and there are fewer survivors and suspects. The final reveal is quite shocking and shows how the past came back to haunt these individuals. Judith turns out to have a split personality that is her son Wren, who is actually Owen, the man blamed for Talvinder's death. He hung himself in prison and Judith makes Peter hang himself in order to save the former nurse Keira (Madison Cheeatow), a commune member who Peter fell in love with. The twist was pretty clever as it was hard to realize that Judith was talking to herself or the images of Wren were really Judith talking. This show has had too solid spooky series that are fun to watch.   

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