Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Sports: NFL (Week 5)

Enough football has been played that the teams that are going to the playoffs are just starting to distinguish themselves while some teams are showing they are not sticking around to be competitive this season. There were some great matches of top teams and nail-biting conclusions as offenses kept their cool under defensive pressure. Some teams got a bye week so other teams took advantage of their absence to move up in the standings. Pro football is getting really exciting right as more sports are beginning or ending and our politicians desperately try to retain our attention with silly national anthem gimmicks during meaningless games.

NFC West
The top two teams in this division faced off against each other this week as the Los Angeles Rams hosted the Seattle Seahawks. Of course, I played Russell Wilson as my fantasy quarterback so Seattle won with only field goals. This ties the two teams at the top but the Seahawks appear to be the better team as of now. Neither the Cardinals or the 49ers, without a win, stand much of a chance. The 49ers are at least continuing to kneel during the anthem to bring attention to racial violence which I'm glad is pissing off the VP and disrespect these foolish leaders.

NFC South
The Carolina Panthers are at the top of this division as the Falcons and Saints had a bye week. The Panthers' quarterback Cam Newton ran into controversy over the week for a flippant response to a female reporter. He rallied the controversy into success topping the Detroit Lions. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers loss to the Patriots on Thursday night because they couldn't kick a field goal.

NFC North
No one should ever count out the Green Bay Packers while Aaron Rodgers is their quarterback as he has mastered the comeback tacking down the Cowboys this week with a touchdown in the last seconds. The Detroit Lions loss to the Panthers letting Green Bay take the top spot alone. The Minnesota Vikings beat the Chicago Bears on Monday night to put the Vikings at 3-2.

NFC East
The Philadelphia Eagles showed their dominance with a resounding win over the Cardinals. The Dallas Cowboys loss to the Packers giving them a losing record. The Redskins have a bye and the Giants have yet to win a game.

AFC West
The Kansas City Chiefs look like the best team in the NFL with a high scoring win over the Texans. Thier toughest opponent is the Denver Broncos who had a bye. The Oakland Raiders lost to the Ravens and the Los Angeles Chargers beat the weak Giants for their first win.
AFC South
The Jacksonville Jaguars got a surprising blowout win over the Steelers to have the only winning record in the division. The Houston Texans loss to the Chiefs as their offense gets better but their defense suffers a crucial injury. The Tennessee Titans loss to Miami and Indianapolis Colts beat San Francisco in overtime. 
AFC North
The Baltimore Ravens crushed the Raiders to tie the Pittsburgh Steelers who lost to Jacksonville. The Cincinnati Bengals won for the second time in a row over the Bills. I don't know if the Cleveland Browns will ever be good with a fifth loss to the Jets. 
AFC East
The New York Jets moved into a three-way tie as the New England Patriots won on Thursday against Tampa Bay. The Bills blew a chance to move into first after losing to Cincinnati and the Miami Dolphins are only behind after beating the Titans because of a hurricane bye week at the start of the season.

In the week ahead, I'm looking forward to the Thursday night game between the Eagles and the Panthers and on Sunday finding out if the Jets are real against the Patriots, the Chiefs defending their undefeated record against the Steelers, and the Packers facing the Vikings. 

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