Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Sports: NFL (Week 4)

So my first year of fantasy football has turned out to be a bad experience because I, for some reason, always play the players that have the worst games while game-winning performances sit on the bench. This week in professional football saw some teams move further ahead while others dropped further behind, like my terrible fantasy team. I'll take a look at each division and see which teams have pulled ahead while taken notice of teams that look like they are already out of the running for the playoffs.

AFC East
The Buffalo Bills knocked off one of two remaining undefeated teams, the Atlanta Falcons, to put them atop this division as the New England Patriots lost to the Carolina Panthers. The Jets struggled to win against the Jaguar in overtime while Dolphins lost to the Saints in London.

AFC North
The top two teams in this division faced off in Baltimore but the Pittsburgh Steelers took the road win over the Ravens to lead this division. The bottom two teams also matched up but the Cincinnati Bengals avoided total embarrassment by routing the terrible Cleveland Browns. 

AFC South
The Houston Texans look like the best team in this division despite three teams all tied with a 2-2 record. One of those teams, the Tennessee Titans lost badly to Houston while Jacksonville got beat by the Jets. The Colts looked the worst with another loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

AFC West
The Kansas City Chiefs won late Monday night against the Washington Redskins to be the only undefeated at this point in the season. The AFC West will be a tough division though the Oakland Raiders lost their quarterback in the loss to the Denver Broncos, probably the greatest competition to the Chiefs taking the division. The Cheifs also palyed spoiler to my first possible fantasy win as their tight end Kelce is pretty good. The Los Angeles Chargers should have remained in San Diego because they have not won a game yet losing to the Philadelphia Eagles.
NFC East
As mentioned, the Eagles beat the Chargers and with Washington's loss to the Chief, Philadelphia stands alone at the top. The Cowboys lost to the Rams but will probably be the greatest opponent to the Eagles. The New York Giants have yet to win a game as well, surprisingly disappointing for this once promising team.

NFC North
The Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions are tied at the top of this division and both teams knocked off division opponents as the Bears lost to the Packers and the Vikings lost to the Lions. It's going to be a tough battle between Green Bay and Detroit but my fantasy team is now using Green Bay's defense so I'm biased towards them. 

NFC South
The Carolina Panthers had a rough year last year after going to the Super Bowl the year before but they showed that they are not to be discounted this year by beating the reigning Super Bowl champions, the New England Patriots. The Falcons had a disappointing first loss while both the Saints in London against Miami and the Buccaneers at home against the Giants looked impressive. This is going to be an interesting and competitive division this year. 

NFC West
The Los Angeles Rams are a surprising team this year after moving cities recently and taking the top of the West with an impressive win over the Dallas Cowboys. The Seahawks showed glimmers of their old team, though against a terrible Colts team. The Arizona Cardinals just barely beat their weak divisional rival the San Francisco 49ers.

Thursday night will put us right back into the action with the Patriots taking on the Bucs. I'll also be keeping an eye on the Panthers vs. Lions, Seahawks vs Rams, Packers vs Cowboys, and Chiefs vs Texans on Sunday. The NFC West and North will have a clear leader as well as a chance for the Panthers to take command in the Sout with the Falcons off. Football continues to be the greatest sport to watch despite controversy but the baseball playoffs will tug at my attention this next week.  

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