Sunday, October 8, 2017

Sports: College Football (Week 6)

Major upsets have disrupted the rankings in college football this week. New teams rise to near the top while old champions hold the highest positions. Some conferences had champions who fell while others who hoped to take the crown plummeted after losses to unranked teams. Only a few more weeks until the first college football playoffs ranking and the selections are starting to distance themselves from the pretenders. I'll look at a few conferences that I didn't get a chance to highlight last week and point the teams that have helped to create the recent chaos in the rankings.

Big 12
I had to look again when I saw the score of this game but I did not expect fourth-place Oklahoma to fall to the Iowa State Cyclones. The loss drops Oklahoma out of playoff contention and the top ten. Ranking at the top of Big 12 teams is TCU who has moved up two spots from 8th to 6th after staying alive against West Virgina. The Mountaineers fell from 23rd out of the top 25. TCU still has to survive Iowa State, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, and a new Big 12 championship but this conference may not have a presence in the college football playoffs this year.

Big Ten
Another surprise victory from an unranked team that shattered the hope of a rising star, the Michigan State Spartans beat their interstate rival the Michigan Wolverines. Michigan falls from ten spots from 7th to 17th while Michigan State rises into the top 25 at 21st. This Michigan loss leaves the conference title open for Penn State but they'll have to survive a three-week run of Michigan, Ohio State, and Michigan State after their bye week next week. They'll have to contend with a still undefeated at this point Wisconsin Badgers ranked 7th in the Big Ten Championship. 

Also benefiting from these changes also are the SEC's Georgia Bulldogs and PAC-12's Washington Huskies. Georgia will have to defeat Auburn who crept into the top ten while Washington must fight off Washington State. I'm also keeping an eye out on the Miami Hurricanes who moved up to spots to eleventh and could be an ACC challenger. Remaining at the top are the Clemson Tigers and Alabama Crimson Tide both pushing for a rematch of last year's championship. No matchups stick out to me next week but most teams will be fighting for survival. Still plenty of football left to play and I have no idea what is going to happen.

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