Sunday, October 1, 2017

Sports: College Football (Week 5)

This season still has plenty of surprises in store and this weekend had quite a few dramatic moments and results that could change the playoffs. My focus primarily centered around two games as conference play continued with a few competitive matches but mostly top teams dominating weaker opponents.

The biggest upset of the weekend came late on Friday night when the 16Washington State Cougars defeated the 5USC Trojans. The Trojans were set to have a spot in the tournament if they could not out another conference like the Big 12 or Big Ten as well as defeat a former playoff contender in the PAC-12, the Washington Huskies, but now those hopes are dashed. Washington State has entered the conversation and will have to take out their interstate rival in an exciting rivalry week finale to the season. I'll be keeping an eye on the PAC-12 as teams like 20Utah, Oregon, and Stanford could play as spoilers to these top teams' chances.

The 2Clemson Tigers faced a challenge on the road against the 16Virginia Tech Hokies but lived up to their high-ranking and position as the reigning champs. Their competition has been all but eliminated from an injured quarterback at Florida State to a scandal at 17Louisville, who they already beat. Clemson only has one ranked opponent left in the regular season, 24NC State, but they could be some random upset out there.

While we all know that 1Alabama Crimson Tide is the top-ranked team in college football, the 13Auburn Tigers had an impressive victory this weekend over Mississippi State, who have fallen out of the top-25. With only a loss to Clemson, Auburn could really spoil Alabama's chance later this year but they'll have to prove their strength against a rising team in the SEC East, the 5Georgia Bulldogs. 
UGA took out an unranked conference rival in the Tennessee Volunteers. The only other challenge besides Auburn that Georgia faces this season will be an encounter with the 21Florida Gators at a neutral field. 

I'll be watching the Big 12 next week when 8TCU faces 23West Virginia for a shot at the top spot when they face Oklahoma later this year. The Big Ten will get exciting in about two weeks when 4Penn State has to take on 7Michigan, and 10Ohio State for two tough weeks. 

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