Monday, October 30, 2017

Movie Review: Seed of Chucky

The murderous doll Chucky (Brad Dourif) procreated at the end of the last film so this film picks up with the ugly result Glen (Billy Boyd). Somewhere in England, the ugly doll has nightmares of killing a family and is used by a British ventriloquist to scare crowds and tell crude jokes. In Hollywood, the lifeless Chucky and Tiffany doll are used to make a Chucky movie. Jennifer Tilly voices the Tiffany doll while also playing herself as a struggling actress trying to land a big role. Glen escapes his owner and jumps into a garbage truck. He catches a fly across the Atlantic and arranges a delivery to the Hollywood prop room. He discovers his parents but they are lifeless so he reads the back of his necklace and brings the two murderous dolls back to life. 

The first thing the Tiff and Chucky do is kill a prop manager. Tilly tries to land a role as the Virgin Mary by seducing the director Redman. Once Tiff sees Tilly, who discovers the body, she knows she must get into the actress's body. Glen is unsure of his gender so Tiff refers to him as Glenda since he doesn't have any genitals. He does pee his pants whenever he sees violence and wants to know why his parents kill people. Tiff makes Chucky promise not to kill anyone but he crosses his fingers. The three dolls sneak into Jennifer Tilly's limo and ride with her back to her house where she prepares to seduce Redman. The dolls come up with a plan to artificially inseminate Tilly and to take the two bodies for their own. 

Pete Peters (John Waters) is a snoopy paparazzi photographer who catches the two dolls on camera. Chucky steals Redman's car, runs Britney Spears off the road, and sneaks into the magazine office. Chucky is about to kill the cameraman when Glen shouts out to warn him, stunning Pete who falls back into a bottle of acid. Tiff struggles with her vow not to kill anyone even calling a hotline for support but she can't control her impulses so she stabs Redman when he refuses to cast a pregnant Tilly as the Virgin Mary. Glen can't handle the sight of his mother killing another person. The voodoo pregnancy is accelerated so she shows signs of her baby belly after one day. Jennifer calls her assistant Joan (Hannah Spearritt) but Tiff uses her extraordinarily similar voice to say something different while Chucky attacks her and ties her up.

Glen becomes even more disturbed at his parents' vicious behavior. Since Chucky can't use Redman's body, Tiff summons the limo driver Stan (Steve West) to the house to tie up. Joan arrives as they are about to perform the ceremony. Chucky is about to stab Joan when Tiff uses hairspray and a lighter to burn her, but its actually Glenda who has snapped and decided to be a woman. Jennifer gives birth to twins; a boy and a girl. Chucky tries to do the transfer but Glen can't choose his gender. Chucky decides that he'd rather stay a doll but Tiff decides to leave him. Angry, Chucky kills Stan as the police burst down the door. The officers come across Jennifer still tied to the bed, her two babies, and a  ton of dead bodies. In the hospital, Tiff tries to take Jennifer's body but Chucky bursts in and puts an ax in her head. Glen stands up for his mother and fights Chucky chopping him into pieces. Five years later, Jennifer is possessed by Tiffany and lives the life of a star with her two trouble twins.  

Seed of Chucky is a little too silly stepping more away from horror and into comedy. The movie does still have grisly murders but all of them are tongue-in-cheek. Chucky is still the funniest part but gender confused Glen is also a source of amusement while Tiff's approach to murders as an addiction is good for laughs too. The film does point out the awful culture of Hollywood and the pressure put on female actresses to have sex with their superiors. Chucky has grown his family and his franchise and will continue on for at least two more films. 

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