Sunday, October 29, 2017

Movie Review: Saw III

Moving the franchise into a trilogy, the third brutal torture horror film explains a bit more how Jigsaw pulls off the sick games while showing even more gore. The film begins with Eric Matthews (Donnie Wahlberg) breaking his leg in an attempt to escape captivity. Detective Kerry (Dina Meyer) searches for Eric but she also falls victim to Jigsaw's awful torture. The main story consists of John Kramer (Tobin Bell) and his pupil Amanda Young (Shawnee Smith) kidnapping a surgeon Lynn Denlon (Bahar Soomekh) in order to keep John alive. Jigsaw wants to oversee one last game before he finally passes away so attaches a deadly necklace to Lynn's neck that has shotgun cartridges all around it and will go off if John's heart rate stops.

The test revolves around Jeff (Angus Macfadyen) who must go through a series of awful tortures. He lost his son in a drunk driving accident and has never recovered. His first test is to help the woman who witnessed his son's death, Danica (Debra McCabe), from freezing to death. She is hung up naked in a frozen locker and has water sprayed on her periodically unless Jeff grabs a key. He burns his cheek grabbing the key but doesn't save her in time. The next round is the judge who let the killer go, Judge Halden (Barry Flatman). The Judge will be drowned in rotten pig guts if Jeff doesn't burn his son's possessions to get the key. 

Amanda does not get along with Lynn but she needs to keep the surgeon alive so she can cure Kramer. Lynn doesn't think she can relieve the pressure on his brain but Amanda steals the supplies needed to perform the surgery. In one of the most disturbing scenes, Lynn drills holes in Kramer's skull and saws off a piece to relieve the pressure. Jeff saves the Judge and they move to the third round where Jeff's son's killer Tim (Mpho Koaho) is stuck on a torture machine that twists his limbs. Jeff manages to get the key but triggers a shotgun that blasts the Judge and doesn't free Tim in time. 

Amanda thinks back on how she helped Jigsaw pull off all the elaborate crimes from the original and the sequel. Kramer orders Amanda to let Lynn go but Amanda admits that she killed Detective Matthews breaking Jigsaw's code. Amanda shoots Lynn just as Jeff arrives in the surgery room and it shows that Jeff is Lynn's husband. Jeff shoots Amanda in the neck and Kramer explains how she failed him in taking on the Jigsaw legacy. Jeff is given a choice to save his wife's life and Kramer's or let them die. Jeff slices Kramer's throat killing his wife but before Jigsaw dies he plays a tape that tells Jeff that his daughter is still held captive.

Saw III increases the violence of the sickening Jigsaw series with even more brutal torture murders and awful choices. The film also continues the tradition of having a plot changing twist at the end that makes previous events clear. The ending leaves the series at a crossroads with a conclusion that kills the monster villain but leaves another test to solve. This film was the last of the Saw series that I kept up with but revisiting it, I liked it a little more than I had the first time.

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