Sunday, October 29, 2017

Movie Review: Saw 3D: The Final Chapter

Not predicting human behavior very well, the creators of this film believed it to be the last of the franchise so they went more for spectacle while dropping significantly in quality. Jigsaw murders happened way more frequently and some of them are used as a disturbing performance art in public spaces. The first trap has two competing lovers trying to decide who will sacrifice themselves for the woman they both claim to love only to let her be sawed in half. Jill Tuck (Betsy Russell) was unable to kill Mark Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) who escapes and sews his face back together. Jill goes to the police hoping to expose Mark but she's haunted by nightmare after she confesses. 

Several traps play out ass Jigsaw takes his revenge on racists and liars. Detective Gibson (Chad Donella) is the only police officer Jill can trust. He discovers another Jigsaw trap that is overly outlandish and receives a taunting message from Hoffman. Bobby Degan (Sean Patrick Flanery) leads support groups for Jigsaw survivors and promotes his survival story as a memoir. He is confronted by Dr. Gordon (Cary Elwes), a survivor of the first film. Bobby is then assaulted by a pig-masked figure and wakes up in the main trap of the film. It turns out that Bobby had been lying about his story of survival so he must go through a series of tests. He has to pull a fish hook out of his publicist's stomach through her mouth without making a certain amount of loud noise and prevent a machine from piercing the eyes of his lawyer by lifting another painful device. Bobby is not very good at saving any of the victims.

Hoffman continues to taunt Gibson and demands that the detective give up Jill Tuck. Bobby has to help his best friend by guiding him across a hallway full of boards blindfolded but he fails when he throws his friend the key and it drops to the floor, leaving Cale to hang. Gibson has a history with Hoffman who saved his life back when he was a uniform cop. He was assaulted by a bum but Hoffman shot the man before he could attack Gibson. Following more clues, Gibson figures out where the trap is playing out just as Bobby has to do some awful dental work to find the combination. The police follow Bobby's trail coming across the victims of Jigsaw latest trap. Gibson gets a call and heads back to the junkyard where an earlier Jigsaw trap had gruesomely played out. 

Jigsaw's final test for Bobby to save his wife Joyce (Gina Holden) and himself is to carry out the trap that he had lied so easily about to garner fame. Hoffman is one step ahead of Gibson having tapped into the security cameras back at the police station so he fools them with a dead body and sets an automated machine gun to kill him. Hoffman hid in a body bag to infiltrate the police station. He stabs and shoots his way through the remaining officers and makes it to Jill's cell but she stabs a pen in his neck to escape. Bobby fails at his last task and Joyce is burnt alive. Hoffman catches Jill and attaches the reverse bear trap to her jaw splitting her face open with extra splatter. Hoffman blows up the evidence and is about to get away when three pig-masked figure assault. Dr. Gordon had been helping Jigsaw this whole time pull off these complicated surgical procedures. Hoffman is left chained to a pipe in the room where the first film took place. 

Saw 3D goes more for gimmicks than solid plotting with the formula laid out in the previous films still being followed here. The story concludes the rampage of Mark Hoffman but keeps open the possibility that another follower of Jigsaw could take over in his stead. The film had a lot of over-the-top deaths but was gruesome enough to have me cringing and feeling sick just from watching. The franchise looked to be at an end with a final chapter but the only reason I'm revisiting these disgusting films is because yet another entry is coming out in theaters. Revisiting the Saw series has been something, both disturbing and entertaining as the mystery always made me want to keep watching but the gore was often too much. 

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