Monday, October 30, 2017

Movie Review: Cult of Chucky

Don Mancini brings back his killer doll Chucky (Brad Dourif) returning to a storyline that began it all. Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent) tries to go on a date but his potential girlfriend googles him to learn about his past. He keeps the head of the murderous doll in a safe talking to it on lonely nights and burning its hair. Nica Pierce (Fiona Dourif) is transferred to a minimum security psych hospital where her fellow patients expect her of devious actions despite her claims that Chucky murder her family. Tiffany Valentine (Jennifer Tilly) shows up at the hospital to inform Nica that her niece died under mysterious circumstances and deliver a Chucky doll. The therapist Dr. Foley (Michael Therriault) takes the doll into his office where comes alive with a blink. 

Chucky starts to sneak around and taunt Nica while Andy tries to convince Dr. Foley that the doll is, in fact, a killer. The other patients are even more suspicious when another patient Angela (Marina Stephenson Kerr) ends up dead. Nica tries to prove she's right by burning the hand of Chucky but it doesn't react, however, another patient Madeleine (Elisabeth Rosen) has taken another Chucky doll as a substitute for her child. Yet another patient, Claire (Grace Lynn Kung) learns that Chucky is alive but Dr. Foley ties her down and drugs her. Malcolm (Adam Hurtig) believes Nica from the beginning but suffers from multiple personality disorder. Chucky uses compressed gas to break open a window above where Claire is strapped down and a falling shard of glass decapitates her.

Alone in his cabin, Andy follows the carnage at the asylum not understanding how another Chucky doll could be causing all these murders. Nica suspects that there is more than one doll killing people but Dr. Foley is skeptical. The therapist hypnotizes her to find out the truth but Chucky smashes his head open and gives Nica a piece of glass. Malcolm continues to switch personalities as Madeleine grows more attached to the doll. Dr. Foley confronts Nica the next day claiming to have a headache and to be insulted by Nica. Tiffany calls Andy as he drives to the asylum and tells him that there are three Chucky's and the cult is growing. Diane tries to suffocate Chucky and her insane actions put her on suicide watch where  Chucky doll forces an arm down her throat.

Dr. Foley makes another go at assaulting Nica but Chucky knocks him over the head again. Andy makes it inside the asylum by being committed and his other doll is given to the therapist. The multiple Chucky dolls come alive killing an orderly in front of Nica. Tiffany also arrives at the asylum slitting the security guard's throat. Chucky says the magic words and takes over Nica's body using it to stomp Dr. Foley's face in. Malcolm has another Charles identity in his head and uses a drill to take it out. The doll Andy brouth in attacks him but Andy hid a gun inside his stomach ripping apart the doll and shooting it in the head. Nica arrives in Andy's padded room taunting him but Andy runs out of bullets. Nica shuts the door on Andy and joins Tiffany. They drive away from the asylum laughing. 

Cult of Chucky is a mediocre latest installment that didn't make it to theaters. The show adds to the magic and mythos giving Chucky a new power while leaving it open for even more Chucky films in the future. The murderous franchise has taken off long breaks until the next installment but it may return for even more movies no longer having to go to theaters and utilizing Netflix. Fiona Dourif is a great addition to the series as she mimics her father's cackle quite well and has made a great new character. Bringing Andy Barclay with Alex Vincent in the role was also a nice tribute to the die-hard fans that have been watching since the beginning. I don't remember seeing the Chucky films all the way through when I was younger but it was nice to revisit. 

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