Monday, October 30, 2017

Movie Review: Child's Play 3

The Child's Play trilogy tops out with a new setting and an old er protagonist. After the events of the first two films, the toy company that produces the Good Guy doll is trying to make a financial recovery and they can't do that without their best selling product, despite the terrible press. The same plastic that consisted of Chucky was melted down and used to make the new dolls. Chucky (Brad Dourif) wakes up in the highrise apartment of the toy company executive Sullivan (Peter Haskell) and uses the surrounding toys including marble and a yo-yo to trip and strangle the old man. Chucky looks up the whereabouts of his one ticket out of being a doll, Andy Barclay (Justin Whalin). Andy has been shipped out to military school where he is roommates with a nerd Whitehurst (Dean Jacobson) and is bullied by the drill leader Shelton (Travis Fine).

Chucky sends himself in a package to the school where he is intercepted from delivery by a young boy Tyler (Jeremy Sylvers). Chucky tries to take the boys soul but the ceremony is interrupted by Colonel Cochrane (Dakin Matthews) who throws the doll away. Chucky smashes the garbage man in the dumpster and sneaks into Andy's room. Andy tries to smash Chucky but Shelton walks in and takes the doll back to his room. Andy sneaks into Shelton's room that night to find Chucky but the doll is missing along with a knife. Shelton exacts punishment on all the cadets making Andy a pariah. Tyler plays hide-and-seek with the knife-wielding Chucky but they are discovered by De Silva (Perrey Reeves) and her friend. They put lipstick on Chucky which enrages the demented children's toy. 

Cochrane returns to his office to find the doll left behind. Chucky comes alive and scares the Colonel giving him a heart attack. Chucky's next victim is the school hairdresser Sergeant Botnick (Andrew Robinson) who attempts to cut the doll's hair but Chucky slashes the straight razor across his throat. Whitehurst sees Chucky but is too afraid to say anything. A large capture-the-flag game plays out over the next few days. The cadets should be using paint cartridges but Chucky replaces them with live ammo. Tyler realizes that Charles is an evil spirit and runs away. Chucky tackles De Silva and calls in the enemy team forcing a deadly confrontation. Whitehurst sacrifices himself to save the team when Chucky throws a live grenade.

Tyler runs to a nearby fair hoping to get away from Chucky but the doll kills the security guard and takes the young boy hostage. Andy and De Silva follow Tyler and Chucky into a haunted ride. Chucky and De Silva exchange gunfire and De Silva is hit. Chucky is maimed by a grim reaper robot losing half his face. Chucky prepares to take over Tyler's body chanting the words but Andy blasts his arm off. Andy's second shot hits Chucky in the heart but the doll revives attack Andy and Tyler. Andy cuts Chucky's hand off with Tyler's knife and the doll plummets into a whirling fan that dices him into pieces. 

Child's Play 3  adds to the campy horror and the mythos of Chucky while retaining the same gruesome murders and comedy. The new setting of the military school added more victims and an even more destructive nature to the rampage of the evil doll. Chucky had a new victim to focus on showing that he had other options besides Andy but it kept the same storyline through the trilogy. The acting wasn't great and the effects are still cheesy but the story of Chucky is fun enough to watch and Dourif's voice does well conveying the monster Charles Lee Ray's identity. This film rounds out the first three Chucky movies signaled the end of the series for most of the nineties but this doll doesn't stay down for too long. 

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