Monday, October 30, 2017

Movie Review: Child's Play 2

Chucky (Brad Dourif) returns for a new horror in the sequel to the frightening classic original. Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent) has been put in foster care as the original story proved too crazy for the authorities. The toy company tries to cover up a PR nightmare by finding out what happened, rebuilding the Chucky doll in the process from the remaining eye. The evil killer takes his first victim by electrocuting a dollmaker. Andy is fostered by Joanne (Jenny Agutter) and Phil Simpson (Gerrit Graham). He still has terrible trauma and the sight of a Good Guy doll terrifies him. Chucky murders the toy company executive Mattson (Greg Germann) and discovers where Andy lives.

Chucky destroys another Good Guy doll and replaces it with himself but he causes trouble for the two foster kids. Andy bonds with Kyle (Christine Elise), a young woman about to be out of the Simpson's foster care in a year, over their shared punishment. Chucky ties up Andy at night and attempts to take his soul but Kyle sneaks back in through his window interrupting the ritual. Phil is angry about the troublesome behavior and throws the doll in the basement. The evil killer sneaks onto the school bus the next day and messes with Andy's assignment. Andy's teacher Miss Kettlewell (Beth Grant) punishes Andy and locks him in the classroom. She throws the Chucky doll in the closet before she leaves. Andy escapes out the window before Chucky can break out. 

When Miss Kettlewell returns, Chucky stabs her with a basketball pump and kills her with a ruler. Phil punishes Andy by showing him the doll who has returned to the same spot. Andy takes it into his own hands and tries to cut Chucky with a carving knife. Phil finds Andy with the carving knife in the basement but as he descends the stairs Chucky hooks his leg and kills him. Horrified, Joanne sends Andy back to the foster home with Grace Poole (Grace Zabriskie). Andy warns Kyle before he leaves and she finds the destroyed Good Guy doll buried out in the yard. She goes back inside to find Joanne dead with her throat slit. Chucky threatens her and makes her take him to Andy. 

Grace takes the Chucky doll from Kyle but gets stabbed. Chucky orders Andy to take him into the back of a newspaper truck and Kyle chases after them. The boy and his doll run into the Good Guy factory and Chucky attempts to complete the transformation but it's too late and he's trapped in the doll. Kyle follows them into the warehouse and helps Andy escape by slamming a door onto Chucky's hand. Kyle and Andy can't get out of the factory, and Chucky replaces his severed hand with a blade. A maintenance worker tries to fix the machine but he's attacked by Chucky and has his eyes poked out by the machine. Chucky attacks Kyle and Andy but they push him onto the conveyor belt where he is soaked in acid. Of course, Chucky isn't dead and still fights until Andy soaks him with molten plastic. Andy saves Kyle and Chucky bursts out to attack them again, this time receiving an air hose to the mouth until he fills up and explodes. 

Child's Play 2 is a solid sequel living up to the original with the same campy horror that is both amusing and slightly disturbing. It doesn't add much to the mythos of Chucky but it continues to entertain in the same fashion. Only a little older, Alex Vincent does a decent job again leading a feature film at such a young age. The added character of Christine Elise's Kyle makes the film a little more of a typical horror and an adult eliminate where Andy's mother did not return. The film is a decent stop along the way of this iconic horror series. 

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