Monday, October 30, 2017

Movie Review: Bride of Chucky

Seven years after the end of the Child's Play trilogy and ten years after the death of Charles Lee Ray, Chucky (Brad Dourif) returns thanks to his former girlfriend Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly). Stolen from an evidence locker by a cop whose life ends quickly at the blade of Tiffany, the doll is rebuilt and resurrected in a Voodoo for Dummies ceremony. Chucky takes his first victim, a punk who hangs around Tiffany. Meanwhile, Jade (Katherine Heigl) uses a ploy to get out of the watchful eye of Chief Warren Kincaid (John Ritter). Tiffany hopes to renew her relationship with Chucky foolishly believes that the killer had left an engagement ring but the doll wants no such thing. Tiffany locks him up in a playpen but he breaks out and pushes a television into the bathtub with Tiffany.

Revived as a wedding doll, Tiff and Chucky conspire to dig an amulet up that was around Charles Lee Ray's neck when he died. Tiff recruits Jesse (Nick Stabile), Jade's rebel boyfriend, to transport the dolls to New Jersey. Jesse gets sidetracked when he stops by Jade's and proposes to marry her. Warren tries to sabotage the trip by planting drugs in Jesse's van but Tiff and Chucky have other plans using a new creative method of murder, shooting a bunch of nails into his face. A pulls over Jesse and almost busts him for drugs but Chucky blows the cop car up by lighting a rag in the fuel tank. They set out for New Jersey but stop in Niagara Falls so Jesse and Jade can tie the knot. Chief Kincaid wakes back up but Chucky makes short work of him.

Two con artists try to rob the couple but Tiff throws a bottle at the ceiling mirror dicing up the two thieves. Chucky takes a ring of the dead woman's finger and proposes to Tiff which leads to some pretty funny doll sex since Chucky is anatomically correct. Worried that the other might be a serial killer, Jesse and Jade call their friend David (Gordon Michael Woolvett) so he joins them finding the Cheif's body. David freaks out but steps into traffic when he sees Chucky and Tiffany. They escape a high-speed chase with the police and Chucky takes the young couple hostage. Jesse sparks a debate between Chucky and Tiffany and Jade uses the distraction to kick Tiffany into the oven. Jesse pushes Chucky out the window but wrecks the RV. Tiffany is burnt to a crisp in the oven and Jade is taken hostage by Chucky. 

Jade is forced to open the grave of Charles Lees Ray and pull out the amulet. Jesse tries to trade Tiffany for Jade but ends up with a knife in the back. Chucky performs the ritual so that he and Tiffany can trade bodies with Jesse and Jade but Tiffany doublecrosses him. The two dolls fight and Chucky stabs Tiffany. Jesse knocks Chucky into his grave and Jade shoots him but not before a detective sees the revived doll. The cop lets the couple go but when he pokes Tiffany a little baby doll pops out of her. 

Bride of Chucky ups the camp and pays homage to plenty of other horror films that are part of the canon. The film has a ton of tongue-in-cheek references to its predecessors and other films. It's a fun movie with more humor than horror. There are not any scary scenes but the series has never had a ton of genuinely scary stuff. This fourth installment begins a new set of movies in the series tha move beyond the Child's Play trilogy into even more campy horror territory. 

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