Sunday, October 1, 2017

Blog: Two Years!

After two full years of blogging pretty consistently, I am thinking of taking a break sometime in the near future, maybe take a month off. I know that next month, November, I won't be producing as much on here because I hope to be working on a novel. I did put together a little statistical analysis of my posting habits so I'll review this year and combine that with last year's data to see which topics I write about most and predict a possible future for this blog. I wasn't sure what I was trying to accomplish when I set out writing on this website but one thing I did want to do was practice producing words. Unfortunately, I have not had as much time to go back and review my work so I haven't learned as much as I could. I've learned to relax a little since I've failed to establish any sort of solid readership so I allow myself time to post reviews and don't always catch the first showing. In the future, I think I'll take an even more lax approach to posting, especially after I take a break and reassess the purpose of this blog. I have also not pushed as much to promote my writing since I've noticed bogus data in my blog view count and have not concerned myself with generating more clicks. One feature of a recent update was an expanded text space to allow for bigger paragraphs and more writing. 


I broke the record for most movie posts in a month in January due to the conclusion of two massive horror franchises along with another release from a prolific director and wrapping up awards season releases. I added just under 50 more posts about movies in the last year and it is easily my most posted about topic. With summer movie releases pulling form franchises, I dug up most of the previous releases for tons of posts. Movies will be the biggest thing that it will be hard to avoid writing about and even as I take a hiatus I may still take time to write about movies. I have a film review waiting in the queue and I plan to be at the theater at least one more time this next week if not more. I'm looking forward to plenty more releases coming up in the next few months and movies are a great source of entertainment for me.


Television is almost always on when I'm at home and awake, yet I still feel as if I am always behind on the top shows. I believe this feeling is common among critics and viewers alike and since I'm somewhere in the middle, it has not been easy to keep up. I don't always get to review shows that I am interested in since I only catch up years later but I have caught up on a ton of great television over the past year. I only wrote four more TV posts in the last year because I removed the TV premiere posts and just write reviews of each season. Sometimes I have a hard time remembering what played out over the weekly episodes for 12 or 13 weeks, sometimes less, but I do my best to recall things that I'm not able to binge all at once. The shows that pop up with full seasons on streaming services always put me far behind and I try to review a week or two after they are released but sometimes it takes even longer. The reviews for streaming shows are some with which I take a little more of a relaxed approach. Last month was my biggest TV writing month thanks to the Emmys and the conclusion of summer shows mixed with several streaming shows. There is still a ton of TV shows out there and even more coming out soon and I'll try my best to keep up.


Sports is one topic I wrote less of this last year from the previous. One big decline was that I just made one big post for March Madness and didn't really follow up with individual posts. I'll have to figure that out later but the college basketball season hasn't even started. At this time, it isn't easy to always keep up as I have a college football post in the queue and the NFL is almost done with another week. All of this comes with the MLB playoffs on the horizon this week and I'll probably make some changes to how I post about that as well. I had slow months in the summer where I only posted once or twice about baseball or basketball finals. This month is going to be crazy with baseball in the postseason, football in the middle of the season, hockey starting soon, and basketball as well. Adding an entire sport, hockey has been the biggest update of the last year.  


Reviewing books has also dropped, this topic much more so. I still manage to post about one review a month but now I've got a huge stack of books that I hardly have time to touch. I was more motivated to write but writing about writers isn't always easy and I find myself struggling to remember what happened in books that take me a month or longer to read. I have picked a stack of rather large books to read and I switch between novels at the chapters so sometimes I confuse them or forget certain details. Reading is an activity that I would focus on more if I wasn't blogging so often.

I've touched on other topics this year but not as many as I thought I might. I like keeping this blog simple and there are plenty of better writers out there. Politics was interesting last year while the events of this year are too depressing and hard to catalog. I'll probably blog about it again in 2019 when the primaries and debates begin again. I look forward to another year of writing and hope to engage with other bloggers in the future. 

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