Tuesday, September 12, 2017

TV Show Review: Preacher (Season 2)

The graphic novel from Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon leaped to the screen last year and returned once again for a more action-packed second season. Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper) is on the road with his girlfriend Tulip O'Hare (Ruth Negga) and best friend the vampire Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun). They are on the search for god who has abandoned heaven to live a secret life on Earth. The cops try to pull them over but Jesse's power allows him to tell the officers to do whatever he wants but the whole altercation is thrown off when the murderous gunslinger The Saint of Killers (Graham McTavish) starts blowing everyone up. Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy escape but the saint is hot on their trail. Meanwhile, Arseface (Ian Colletti) has been sent to hell by Jesse's power and must suffer the same trauma on repeat.

Searching for answers, Jesse encounters a former friend of his father, Mike (Glenn Morshower), another priest that has an unusual way of disciplining his parishioners. Mike tells them that god might have been at a jazz club which, after a violent altercation, leads to Jesse deducing that god has an obsession with jazz. The Saint of Killers kills Miek and continues on the trail of Jesse whenever he uses his voice power. Jesse and Cassidy discover that Fiore (Tom Brooke) is working in a casino killing himself repeatedly as a stunt act. Fiore was the one responsible for siccing the Saint of Killers on them so they make a deal to call him off after Cassidy and Fiore go through a drug binge. Fiore doesn't actually call off the saint and has him kill him. Tulip also encounters a man from her past right before she and Jesse can get married. Jesse decided he'll pursue god in jazz central, New Orleans. This casino episode was one of the better.

The group heads to New Orleans where Cassidy and Tulip must confront their past. They stay at the house of Cassidy's friend Denis (Ronald Buttman) who later turns out to be his son. Tulip encounters the gangster boss Viktor (Paul Ben-Victor) who is actually her husband. Jesse encounters Lara Featherstone (Julie Ann Emery) in disguise. She is actually working for the grail under Herr Starr (Pip Torrens). The momentum pauses for a flashback episode showing more of Tulip and Jesse's relationship and how Tulip came to marry Viktor. Jesse finds out Tulip has been captured and goes to her rescue only to find out the truth. The Saint of Killers tracks them down after Jesse uses the voice to fight Viktor's thugs. 

Jesse has to give the saint a soul to control him and send him up to heaven but he just drowns him in an armored truck and the grail capture him. Herr Starr has an interesting origin and appetites that are explained in a montage training flashback along with his job to seek out miracles. Aresface teams up with Hitler (Noah Taylor) to attempt an escape from hell under the strict guard of Ms. Mannering (Amy Hill). Cassidy has to make his old son a vampire too while Lara earns Tulip's trust pretending to be a battered wife. Tulip also worries about the Saint of Killers who returns and attacks them until Ms. Mannering stops him, making Jesse trust Herr Starr. The ultimate plan for Herr Starr is to replace the inbred descendant of Christ with Jesse and his vocal power.

The show improved somewhat from the first season but has a long way to go before it could even be comparable to the graphic novel. Still, I'll stick with it if it comes back for a third season. The show definitely pulls out some absurd scenes and the story is only secondary to all the wackiness. Pip Torrens as Herr Starr was the highlight of the season but I liked him more as a villain in the original story and Jesse works him with him at the end. Joseph Gilgun was still pretty fun as Cassidy too. I also liked that they hinted at Jesse upbringing and the evilness of Jody and T.C. and Jesse's grandmother. There are some great scenes from the book that they could use especially as those vicious characters show up. I am glad to see that the creators Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and Sam Catlin are doing better for this interesting show. 

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