Monday, September 18, 2017

TV Show Review: One Mississippi (Season 2)

When I heard that Tig Notaro's series was coming back for a second season, I put it at the top of the list for me to catch up and watch. I burned through the first season laughing out loud at every episode and the quirky behavior f Tig's family. In the first season, Tig returns to Mississippi from Los Angeles to attend her mother's funeral. The second season sees Tig returning permanently to live with her stepfather Bill (John Rothman) whose strange habits grate on her nerves but also amuse her. Her brother Remy (Noah Harpster) still lives upstairs and struggles with his dating life. Tig also has a new romantic interest, her coworker Kate (Stephanie Allynne). Kate is not sure of her sexuality and reluctant to date Tig.

Even Bill, who lives such a strict lifestyle, has met someone he can bond with when he has a medical emergency on the elevator and Felicia (Sheryl Lee Ralph), a woman who works in the same building, escorts him to the hospital. Remy finds his best opportunity to meet someone is at church and first, he attends a Vietnamese church where a nurse he met at his Civil War reenactment attends. However, when another performer says something racist, Remy doesn't stand up for her, and this is a major infraction in the time of Trump. Remy attends another church where he meets Desiree (Carly Jibson) a loud single mother with some interesting opinions. Remey and Desiree hit it off and she moves in almost immediately.

Tig finds it frustrating that she can't sway Kate so she finds other opportunities to date, not always easy in Mississippi. The sponsors on the radio show also start to go away as Tig touches on complicated topics like molestation. Kate and Tig have to seek out a new station to work at but there are plenty of jerks that work there too. Each characters' relationship moves forward, Kate jealous of Tig's other dates, Desiree sharing space with Remy, and Bill learning the horrors of institutional racism and slavery. Bill is very particular about his living area and not always great at confrontation so Desiree's boisterous nature clashes with his lifestyle.

The episodes are short and so it the season, which is tough, but also shows how effective Tig is at creating great characters. I enjoyed every part of these shows and the intrigue of relationships elevates this season above the original. Kate has a terrible experience at their radio station when their boss masturbates with her in the office. There is no action taken by the owners and this infuriates Tig and Kate. Tig doesn't share Kate's story but does get brutally honest on her radio show causing Bill and Remy to come to terms with what they allowed to happen by looking the other way. Tig does manage to convince Kate to come have dinner and spend the night and the show ends with a new relationship forming.  

One Mississippi was a really pleasant surprise and I'll have to seek out more of Tig Notaro's standup because this show was hilarious. Rothman's Bill is a highlight of the show as the compulsive stepfather and Harpster's Remy gets good jokes in there too. The show does not shy away from tough issuesbut approaches them head on with wit and resilience. The show is not for ht faint at heart but is well worth the short amount of time it takes to binge on Amazon Prime. 

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