Monday, September 11, 2017

TV Show Review: Insecure (Season 2)

In one of the more entertaining shows on the most entertaining night on television on the most entertaining channel, Issa Rae returns for a hilarious and awkward season. Issa is newly single and exploring her newfound freedom. Lawrence (Jay Ellis) has to adjust as well staying with his friend Chad (Neil Brown Jr.) on an inflatable mattress. Issa's best friend Molly Carter (Yvonne Orji) has more experience being single but always hopes to have an ideal relationship. Things seem to fall apart for Issa from the first episode and only get worse. She wrecks her car staring at a dick pic, throws a party that gets out of control, and goes on way too many terrible dates through Tinder. In the end, she still feels lonely and tries to seek out the man that helped cause the split with Lawrence, Daniel King (Y'lan Noel). 

Issa also has trouble at work. Her job to help students after school to learn and do their homework runs into a problem when a vice principal only recommends black students and does not include the Latino students. Her coworker Frieda (Lisa Joyce) sees the problem and wants to change it but Issa shuts her down just excited to have students back in her class. Molly hopes to move up at her law firm but she suspects her bosses judge her by her race as they promote white men. She starts to look around and forms a bond with another lawyer in a Chicago office (LilRel Howery). Lawrence has success at a new job too but finds the developers are just nice to him and don't respect his ideas. He forms a relationship with a coworker Aparna (Jasmine Kaur).

Issa goes out more often on her "hotation" of different men including her neighbor who ends up with another girl, an older man she moves too fast with, and Daniel, though a sexual encounter pisses Issa off. Molly can't seem to settle for a guy that would appear to be ideal Lionel (Sterling K. Brown) and starts sleeping with her married friend Dro (Sarunas J. Jackson) who is in an open relationship with his wife. Lawrence also has a chance encounter with two women who turn out to just be using him for his body and have no interest in him as a person or his pleasure. Lawrence keeps thinking he might go back to Issa even pulling up outside their old apartment but he only acts on it early in the season. They sleep together but don't talk about it, leaving things extra awkward.

Issa finds herself broke, without a car, and lonely. She is invited to a dinner for her friends and Lawrence is as well just as she finds out that he blocked her on social media. Lawrence brings Arpana and Issa gets drunk and rude. They confront each other and have some harsh words for one another. The finale shows that they could have turned it around and had a whole marriage and life together. Alas, it's not to be and I guess this will be the end of Lawrence but I was always rooting for them to get together. Molly also doesn't go for the nice guy and continues her tryst with Dro.

Insecure was so much fun this year and strikes me as such a true show about young relationships and troubled race relations in the modern day. Issa does great in the main role and the writing with plenty of humor interspersed with awkwardness and emotion. I am hooked on the show and hope it goes on for many seasons to come. The show fits in well after the intense one hour drama and sets up a nice half hour of humor after it. I look forward to where the story goes in the third season. 

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