Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sports: College Football (Week 3)

Most of my college football watching this weekend will focus on two games that will give me a snapshot of two conferences: the SEC, mostly the SEC East, and the ACC. I'll keep an eye out for any upsets but this week continues the mismatched games that occur frequently in the early part of the season. The first game that I'll watch will be the Florida Gators taking on the Tennessee Volunteers. The winner of this game will fight with the Georgia Bulldogs for the top of the SEC East. The other game I'll watch is the primetime battle between the Clemson Tigers and the Louisville Cardinals.

All the way to the third quarter of the SEC battle saw only three field goals, two from Florida and one from Tennessee. The Gators got the first touchdown, only their third of the season, with a pick six. So far, the Gators had only defense touchdowns. The Gators could have taken the game even further away but a goal-line fumble turned a touchdown into a touchback. The Volunteers scored a touchdown but a penalty gave Florida good position to respond. Tennessee scored again pushing this to a three-point game in the final minutes. Tennessee nearly scored but their trouble at the goal line continued but their three missed field goals did not last as they tied the game at 20 points. Looking like the game would go into overtime, Florida threw a long pass for a final second touchdown and the win.

The ACC match featured two high-powered offenses that exchanged touchdowns in the first quarter. A costly penalty for Clemson weakened the secondary and helped Louisville score. However, the evenly matched first quarter led to Clemson taking the reigns and running away with the game. I only stuck around for about the first half and early third quarter before it looked like there was no turning back for Louisville. The Clemson Tigers have thoroughly established their dominance in the ACC.
Looking around the league, most of the ranked teams won but there were some upsets. Mississippi State beat 12LSU putting into question who would be second behind Alabama in the SEC West. Vanderbilt upset 18Kansas State as the Commodores could fight for the top of the SEC East while the Big 12 looks to be under the control of Oklahoma. The PAC-12 also had some late night turmoil as 19Stanford lost to San Diego State and 25UCLA lost to Memphis.

Next week, I'll keep an eye on Florida vs Kentucky, TCU vs Oklahoma State, Mississippi State vs Georgia, and UCLA vs Stanford. Not the most exciting week but conference play will really get underway so we'll start to see who dominates in their local regions. 

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