Sunday, September 10, 2017

Sports: College Football (Week 2)

With Hurricane Irma bearing down on Florida, all of the games in the state were canceled. I only sort of paid attention to any games in the afternoon not seeing any majors upsets. My post this week will concern only four games. The tense of my writing will very because I'm writing it as I watch but will also reflect back on each game after it's over.

3Clemson Tigers vs. 13Auburn Tigers
The first game is 
a classic ACC vs SEC match up for early in the season. The reigning champs face their first challenge of the year as Auburn hopes to rise into the top ten and keep their hopes of a national title alive as they seek the top of the SEC West. This match of Tigers started with two field goals for the Auburn Tigers and a possible injury to the Clemson Tigers quarterback. But it didn't last and Clemson's QB Kelly Bryant ran in for a touchdown right before halftime putting the Tigers up 7-6. Clemson came out at the start of the second half and got another touchdown to lead 14-6.  The Clemson Tigers maintained the lead and took the second game of their season over the Auburn Tigers. 

15Georgia Bulldogs vs 24Notre Dame Fighting Irish
The second game jumped on my radar when the independent Fighting Irish just pulled into the ranking putting while the Bulldogs have an open SEC East to dominate if they reach out and take it. The two team exchanged field goals at first. Notre Dame pulled ahead with a touchdown in the second quarter. Georgia responded with a stellar one-handed from Terry Godwin. Notre Dame led at the half 13-10. The Fighting Irish got another field goal at the start of the half to go up 16-10. Georgia responded with a touchdown to take a one-point lead 17-16. Notre Dame pulled back ahead with a field goal to make it 19-17. The Bulldogs came back with a field goal to go up 20-19. Georgia wins this big game on the road to help them build momentum towards a SEC East top spot.
2Ohio State Buckeyes vs 5Oklahoma Sooners
The third game is the most exciting. The Buckeyes were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs last year and look to return at the top of the Big Ten while Oklahoma is the only team to ever represent the Big 12 in the College Football Playoffs. With a championship to look forward to, it would help the Sooners chances to win this game. The two powerhouse defense held each other scoreless through the first quarter. Ohio State struck first with a field goal and Oklahoma got one too by halftime. Ohio State scored a touchdown to start the second half but Oklahoma answered to tie it at ten points. The Buckeyes got a field goal and then Oklahoma came back with a touchdown in the third quarter. At the start of the fourth quarter, the Sooners stretched their lead with another touchdown to 24-13. With an interception, Oklahoma was able to add another touchdown to the score going up 31-13. Ohio State was only able to respond with a field goal. Oklahoma takes a huge win and will probably take that second spot in the top 25 ranking. 

6USC Trojans vs 14Stanford Cardinals
The fourth game starts a little later because it's over on the west coast, a PAC-12 match. The two teams exchanged touchdowns to tie it at 14 points. The Trojans went up by another touchdown to lead 21-14. The Cardinals only got a field goal while the USC got another touchdown. The Trojans led 28-17 at the half. The third quarter was quiet but USC grew the lead even more with another touchdown to 35-17. Stanford didn't put up much of a fight but they did put up another touchdown but so did USC. The Trojans defend their spot at the top of the PAC-12. 
These four games gave me a nice glimpse of what is going on in the College Football season. The top spot will remain filled with Alabama who destroyed an unranked opponent, Fresno State, and Penn State might move up from fourth after beating an in-state opponent Pittsburgh. Washington, Michigan and Wisconsin round out the top ten at 8, 9, 10, all with wins this weekend. Next week, I'll be watching Clemson vs Louisville, Tennessee vs Florida, and Miami vs Florida Sate while also keeping an out for any upsets. 

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