Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Movie Review: Jeepers Creepers

The vicious monster debuts in this indie horror classic hunting a brother and sister on a terrifying road trip. Trish (Gina Philips) and Darry (Justin Long) are driving back from college when they are nearly run off the road by a creepy looking truck. The siblings see the strange man later dumping wrapped bodies down a hole near a church. They drive by but the man nearly runs them off the road again. Darry decides that they should go back and find out if anyone needs their help down in the hole despite Trish's misgiving. Darry crawls down thinking he hears voices and sees movement but slips out of Trish's grip when rats come out. Darry finds a house of horror below with dead bodies sewn together in an awful mosaic.

The brother and sister speed out of there as fast as they can and make it to a diner where they ask for help. Everyone thinks they're crazy except the payphone suddenly rings. On the other line is Jezelle (Patricia Belcher) who has seen a vision of Darry or Trish suffering under the torture of the Creeper (Jonathan Breck). She warns them that they will hear the 50's song Jeepers Creepers before it attacks. The police show up and they try to explain what they saw to the skeptical officers. The patrons see a strange man sniffing Darry's close in the back of the car but when the cops try to get fingerprints, they only find dead skin. The cops also investigate the strange church near the horror hole but find it on fire.

The cops escort Trish and Darry to the station but the Creeper attacks and kills the officers by slicing off their heads. Trish speeds away but the creeper is on their trail. They stop at an old cat lady's house but the Creeper pretends to be a scarecrow. He kills the old lady and chases Trish and Darry. They get back in the car and run him over multiple times until he sprouts wings. They hit him once more and speed off to the police station. They ask for help and call their parents but Jezelle shows up to warn them that they will die. The power goes out in the police station and an officer discovers the Creeper eating an inmate in a cell.

The Creeper starts picking off the police as Darry, Trish, and Jezelle try to escape. Jezelle knows which one of them it will take but she is never sure about her visions and can't think of a way to escape. The Creeper attacks them and while Darry and Trich run, Jezelle kneels down and prays. The Creeper sniffs her but doesn't eat her. It goes after Trish and Darry finally catching them and sniffing them both. It decides on Darry even though Trish begs it to take her. It flies off to tear apart Darry in a forsaken factory while Trish is left to struggle as a survivor. 

Jeepers Creepers scared the hell out of me when I was younger. It's short and sweet and packs quite a punch. It is filled with plenty of scenes where the characters stare stupidly as the monster advances or a car never starting until the last minute. There are frustrating moments but also plenty of terror and gore to satisfy fans of the genre. The monster is the most appealing part for me as he has a bunch of cool weaponry and can fly. He can flip around and regenerates by consuming his victims. I thought this franchise was dead but like the Creeper, it has regenerates years later.  

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