Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Movie Review: Jeepers Creepers III

This movie couldn't get into theaters in any normal way so I had to catch it at a Fathom event. The experience at the theater was surprising but also rather annoying as it was packed from some strange Jeepers Creepers fanbase that loved to talk during the quiet parts and laugh during the horror. The film itself had an interesting enough story to entertain for two hours with the benefit of a ton of jump scares. The Creeper (Jonathan Breck) returns or maybe he never left as this film picks up directly after the first film. The police surround the Creeper's deadly truck full of booby traps. Sgt. Tubbs (Brandon Smith) calls for the truck to be impounded but they don't realize the Creeper will want the truck back. Sheriff Tashtego (Stan Shaw) leads an elite group that hunts the Creeper.

The film quality looked terrible and most of the acting was rough. The Creeper returns to get his truck and kills one of the officers transporting. On a farm, an old woman Gaylen Brandon (Meg Foster) continues to see her dead son much to the dismay of her granddaughter Addison (Gabrielle Haugh). The women are poor and can't afford to feed the horse Addison refuses to sell. Gaylen tries to tell Addison to leave the farm because she is warned by her dead son's ghost that the Creeper is coming. Addison goes to buy hay on credit from Buddy Hooks (Chester Rushing) and his father but stops at her friend's house where her jerk brother Kirk (Ryan Moore) keeps a rabbit trapped in a cage. 

Kirk and his friends go biking and find the Creeper's truck with the license plate BEATNGU. They mess around with it and discover the traps but the Creeper descends on them and kills all of them but Kirk. Addison tags along with Buddy to sell hay at a rich guy's house but the Creeper is there killing people. The monster steals away Addison and puts her in his truck without killing her. Gaylen digs up a hand that still moves and when she touches it, she is shown what the creature truly is. Tashtego also touches the hand but the budget would not allow us to see what he saw. The elite group tries to stop the Creeper in his truck but bullets bounce off the exterior and kill the shooters. The Creeper kills Tashtego in a silly scene and Sgt. Tubbs runs away. 

The Creeper returns to his truck. Kirk had tried to escape but when he pulled the handle, a bolt shot out and split open his skull. Addison uses the same trap to split open the Creeper though it doesn't kill him, it does allow Addison to run off. The Creeper returns to the spot where his hand was buried and finds a sign from Gaylen. The film ends with a voiceover and Trish is the source of the voice saying that she is ready to take on the Creeper as it rises for its next 23 days of horror. Also, it shows Buddy getting on the bus that leads to the second film as the third film is supposed to take place between the first and the second.

This film seemed like an attempt to revive a series that had long since died in a foolish yet inexpensive way. The crowd makes me think that maybe there would be an audience to see a wide release somewhat moderately budgeted fourth film and I would be curious to see what happens in the Creeper's return. I'm glad that they didn't completely disregard the second film but I don't remember Buddy but that could be easily explained without any huge leap in logic. The film had some decent scares and crazy gore to be expected from the series but a noticeable decrease in quality. 

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