Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Movie Review: Jeepers Creepers II

The Creeper (Jonathan Breck) returns to terrorize a group of young high schoolers on the empty highway. The monster comes out to hunt for 23 days every 23 years and on his final day he wants to eat as many people as it can especially after having to burn its dreadful mosaic of human flesh in the first film. The opening scene shows the Creeper stealing the son of the farmer Jack Taggart Sr. (Ray Wise). The farmer then starts to assemble weapons to hunt down the beast after finding one of the Creeper's weapons. Meanwhile, a school of football jocks who just won the state championship speed down the highway in a yellow school bus until one of their tires bursts. Coach Hanna (Thom Gossom Jr.), Coach Barnes (Tom Tarantini), and bus driver Betty (Diane Delano) discover a strange weapon made of bone with a human tooth in the center.

On the bus, a radio hints at the events from the first film. The students hang around and we get introduced to a racist football star Scotty (Eric Nenninger), his girlfriend Rhonda (Marieh Delfino), an actual football star Deaundre (Garikayi Mutambirwa), and the school paper journalist Izzy (Travis Schiffner) who everyone accuses of gay. The film doesn't go for subtlety and the acting is terrible so the only redemption is we know that most of these people will be killed shortly. There are other students but the other cheerleader Minxie (Nicki Aycox) has a vision of the victim from the first film Darry pointing into a field. The coaches and bus driver get the bus going again but another foul weapon stops it at night. 

The Creeper picks off the coaches first and then starts sniffing around the bus picking which students it wants to eat. The students phones don't work but they manage to hail Taggart who starts to look on them on the long highway. The Creeper starts to pick off kids bursting through the roof but Rhonda throws a javelin through its eye. The monster pulls the javelin out of the side of its head and falls over on the roof. The students thinks its dead but can't get off the bus. The Creeper shoots down a wing and rips off a football player's head using it to fix his own. The students make a run for it while only a few stay on the bus. The Creeper swoops down and kills Scotty after using his weapons.

Minxie escapes and runs into Taggart who has created a harpoon from his drilling machine. Taggart and his son fight the creature hitting it a few times but it still manages to fly off. Izzy, Rhonda, and Deaundre run to a truck and the Creeper flies after them. Izzy slams on the brakes after pushing Rhonda out and Deaundre is thrown from the truck. The Creeper is mutilated from the accident and jumps after Deuandre with only an arm and a leg. It neaarly kills Deaundre when Taggart hits it with a spear. The Creeper goes into hibernation just as Taggart stabs it multiple times. The end shows Taggart Sr. much older waiting for the Creeper to wake up again 23 years later.

Jeepers Creepers II expanded on the legend of the Creeper and added plenty more gory horror to the budding series. This film appeared to be the last in the series at it offered a sort of conclusion but probably wasn't a box office success. I remember finding the movie pretty freaky and scary with the relentless terror of the students. The Creeper is a lot more visible though it has never been very shy. It does a lot more morphing in this and we don't see its creepy truck anywhere. I enjoyed revisiting this campy horror film and find the story of the Creeper intriguing. 

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