Monday, August 28, 2017

TV Show Review: The Mist

Stephen King has been experiencing a resurgence of adaptation of his work this year from films like The Dark Tower and the upcoming IT while on television there is the adaptation of Mr. Mercedes and Spike's new show The Mist. This story had an adaptation once before as a film but I'm not familiar with it and the quality of the show did not drive me to seek it out. Maybe, if I have time, I'll pick it up and write a quick review but it got removed from Amazon Prime so not likely right now. It looks like this show garnered some viewers but I haven't seen any signs it will continue to air. IF it does, then I would stick with it, but mostly out of habit now. The advertising was effective enough for me to set my DVR to Thursdays nights and catch up after a few days, hence my review on a Sunday, days after the finale aired, if I publish it today at all. I'm hopeful.

The actors are not top notch, something that I guess I've come to expect in television, at least one actor or actress I recognize. Sometimes, on a show that has outstanding quality like the critically acclaimed Rectify, I'll get to know new actors. I don't think I'll be seeking any other performances from the cast of this show as most of it was disappointing. I honestly didn't pay attention at all times as this show was on the television, sometimes just using it as horrific background noise. The special effects certainly appeared to be a major portion of the budget as victims of the mist exploding with bug-like invaders though it still looked pretty cheap. 

The story revolves around the Copeland family. Kevin Copeland (Morgan Spector) and Eve Copeland (Alyssa Sutherland) are the parents of a young girl Alex (Gus Birney) who is the victim of a rape though she isn't sure of who committed the crime. Her friend Adrian (Russell Posner) claims that Jay Heisel (Luke Cosgrove) raped Alex. Jay is the son of Sheriff Connor Heisel (Darren Pettie) who denies the accusation. A soldier (Okezie Morro) wakes up in the woods without any knowledge of his name. He encounters the mist but flees as he learns of the deadly repercussion of being engulfed in it. He teams up with the criminal Mia (Danica Curcic) to survive the horror. The old woman Nathalie (Frances Conroy) sees signs of nature striking back and knows the history of previous events.

The mist descends on the town and as people begin to die and others realize the threat, they split into two groups. One group survives in the mall trying to make rules and survive while another group gathers in the church under the prophetic teaching of Nathalie who seems to have lost her mind after her husband is murdered by another individual who lost their mind in the mist. Kevin is split up from Alex and Eve who are trapped in the mall. The sheriff believes that Kevin and Adrian hurt his son by accusing him of rape so Kevin has to escape out into danger with Adrian. Alex confronts Jay who denies raping her and they form a relationship after her saves her from danger. Kevin stops at a hospital where one doctor is performing depraved experiments but Kevin fights him off.

The major twist comes from Adrian's motives and the truth of what happened to Alex. Nathalie recalls reading history about the same thing happened when an awful crime occurred to a young woman. Nathalie has nefarious goals through worshipping the mist monsters and Sheriff Heisel goes along with her as they traverse a tunnel from the church to the mall. It is also revealed that Alex's paternity comes into question as Eve has a more mysterious past than at first revealed. The military is also doing something that is only partly revealed and may be a bigger plot point in future seasons. It looks like they are delivering criminal to the mist at the end.

The Mist is not on my to-watch list but I stuck with it for a while. I liked the special effects and I'm curious about Stephen King's success so I will continue to watch this if it is renewed. I think that there are enough Stephen King fans to keep the show going but I would like them to explore more of the mystery of the mist and not so much on the characters since that is the weaker part of the show. Spike isn't known for the most quality television but it looks like they are expanding their sci-fi, horror, and fantasy collection so I might check it out as they produce more shows. Television is overflowing right now so it's hard to keep with everything. 

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