Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Sports: MLB (August 2017)

Baseball should be getting more exciting in the next two months as the season moves to the playoffs. Football will be starting soon so I thought I'd take a moment to take stock of the standings before we get into the final month of play. When I look at the standing during the All-Star break there were two teams, the Houston Astros and Los Angeles Dodgers, that were leading the American and National League and it is still the case that they are at the top. I would like to predict that they will make it to the World Series this year and face each other but there are other teams that have more experience in the playoffs that could beat them despite not having as great a record and home field advantage.

National League
NL East
The Washington Nationals have dominated this division since early on in the season and have kept that lead to what looks like a playoff birth. The Miami Marlins have a chance to push to the Wild Card with Giancarlo Stanton's homer runs. I'm disappointed that the Atlanta Braves didn't perform very well despite getting a new stadium and new management. The Nationals have made it to several playoffs in recent years performing well in the season but not making it past other teams in the playoffs. Their challenges will come from other divisions like the reigning champions or the team with the best record. 

NL Central
The Chicago Cubs are returning to the playoffs after their stellar performance in last year's World Series. This amazing win has given them new life though they have struggled at times during this season losing series. Still, they lead this division but will face competition in the final month from the Milwaukee Brewers. Whoever takes this battle will make it into the playoffs while the losing team will have to stay home. The two teams will meet for two more series for a total of seven games and the Brewers are only two and a half games back.

NL West
The Los Angeles Dodgers have had a historic season with the best record in the division, the National League, and all of Major League Baseball, putting up the most wins for any team in quite some time. It's too bad for the other two hot teams in the West. The Arizona Diamondbacks and the Colorado Rockies lead the Wild Card race by five and three games respectively. I don't see either team dropping out of the standings but anything could happen when the games start to count a little more. 

American League
AL East
The Boston Red Sox have outplayed their rivals the New York Yankees for now but their lead is three and a half games. I would be interested in seeing these two teams take their battle down to the wire. They'll play each other in the first weekend of September and even if one team doesn't win, they might make it to the Wild Card and face each other in the playoffs.

AL Central
The Cleveland Indians look to take another shot at the title as they lead this division by seven games. The Indians take their experience into the playoffs and solid pitching that got them there last time. The team closest to them and holding the lowest Wild Card spot are the Minnesota Twins who I'd like to see have some success.

AL West

The Houston Astros are having the best season in the American League and they are playing in the Rays' stadium while their city is flooded. I could see this being a truly extraordinary run as a city struck by tragedy cheers on their home team that hasn't had the best seasons in recent years. The Astros have a great record but will need to prove something in the playoffs. The Los Angeles Angels are on the cusp of pushing their way into the Wild Card spot.

A month left of baseball as we head into a great time for sports during October with the baseball playoffs and the first games of the football season. The teams that look great this year are not the normal teams so I'm excited to see some new faces and learn more as I watch the games that hold a bit more weight. 

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