Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Sports: MLB (All-Star Game 2017)

Baseball's best gather in Miami for a chance to determine which team will get home-field advantage in the World Series. The Home Run Derby offered excitement with Aaron Judge (New York Yankees) taking the win, the first rookie to do so. I'll use this chance to look at what teams are at the top of each league and the possible matchups for the World Series after I recap the game. I'm excited for the second half of the baseball season to start because games are more significant and the contenders separate from the pretenders.

The All-Star started with two scoreless innings as Chris Sale (Boston Red Sox) and Max Scherzer (Washington Nationals) started pitching. The first run came in the fifth inning for the American League as Miguel Sano (Minnesota Twins) singled with an awkward fly ball and Jonathan Schoop scored. Yadier Moline (St. Louis Cardinals) homered in the sixth to tie the game. The game remained tied into extra innings. Robinson Cano (Seattle Mariners) homered off of Wade Davis (Chicago Cubs) in the tenth to put the American League up 2-1. 

American League
The Houston Astors are having an incredible season and if they do not make it to the playoffs, I will be shocked. With sixty wins they lead the AL West by 16.5 games, their closest challenger in the division the Los Angeles Angels. Fighting for the top spot but with ten fewer wins, the Boston Red Sox lead the East trailed by the New York Yankees. The Cleveland Indians hope to return to the playoffs but they'll have to fend off the Minnesota Twins and take a spot lower ranked. Wild card right now looks like Yankees and the Rays. 

National League
The Los Angeles Dodgers have the most wins in Major League Baseball at the half. Their formal rivals, the San Francisco Giants are next to last but the NL West is strong with both the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Colorado Rockies in the Wild Card Spots. The Milwaukee Brewers and the Washington Nationals look to be the other two teams that will be in the playoffs from the NL Central and NL East respectively. 

I look forward to watching more baseball and will check in a month or two to see if any of these rankings have changed. I'm still rooting for a comeback from the Cincinnati Reds or the Atlanta Braves but neither of those teams look promising. It's a slow time for sports but I'll use it to catch up on some reading and television shows before we get into the thick of MLB Playoffs. 

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