Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Movie Review: Despicable Me 3

The villains and his Minions return for another adventure. Gru (Steve Carell) has adapted to a life as a secret agent working with his wife Lucy (Kristen Wiig) for the Anti Villain League. When a new villain Balthazar Bratt (Trey Parker), a former child star obsessed with the 80s when he was famous, steals a diamond, Gru steps in and prevents him from stealing the diamond but lets him escape. The new leader of the AVL Valerie Da Vinci (Jenny Slate) fires Gru and Lucy for failing to capture Bratt. Without a job, Gru worries about his new family but the Minions want him to go back to villainy. The Minions abandon Gru and set out on their own. 

Gru has to break the news to his adopted daughters Margo (Miranda Cosgrove), Edith (Dana Gaier), and Agnes (Nev Scharrel) and does so with the help of Lucy who is struggling to adapt to the role of mother. Balthazar uses a fat suit that looks like our current president to steal the diamond. Gru receives a request from his long lost twin brother Dru. The family flies out the Freedonia to meet Dru who lives on a pig farm. Dru sends Lucy and the girls into the village and proposes to Gru a return to villainy. Lucy tries to adjust to being a mother but loses Agnes and Edith. Agnes learns of a legend of a unicorn and becomes determined to find the mystical creature. Gru gets a taste of being a villain again and agrees to work with Dru on a heist to steal back the diamond from Balthazar.

Lucy catches onto their plan just as Dru and Gru set out to rob Balthazar and she helps Margo fend off an enthusiastic suitor. The Minions follow a pile of pizzas into a set where they put on a song and dance but end up in prison where they run it pretty quickly. Dru bumbles through the heist but Gru's clever thinking and Lucy help get them through it. Gru returns home but fights with Dru about returning the diamond to the AVL to get his job back. Agnes searches for a unicorn and finds a one-horned goat that she brings back cuddling it furiously. Ma

Balthazar disguised as Lucy, captures the girl and enacts his plan from one of his former episodes where he sends Hollywood floating into space. The Minions break out of prison with an elaborate plan and decide to return to Gru who chases after Balthazar with Dru and Lucy. The finale has plenty of large action with Balthazar stomping through the city and shooting bubblegum out of his shoulder pads all to an 80s soundtrack. Lucy saves the girls and Dru disables Balthazar's giant robot. Gru has one last dance fight before defeating Balthazar. He returns to a life of being an agent but Dru teams up with the Minions for what could be a funny sequel.

While the next installment feels a bit repetitive, the Minions have not grown old and Gru is probably the funniest he has been in the series. The adopted girls are still adorable as Agnes and her obsession of unicorns steals the show once again. Parker as the villain Bratt was hilarious, probably the best villain so far. The family steadily grows and there are most characters than ever but it can't fight off the sequel fatigue as some of the gags are played out after three films. The Minions seemed to be setting out on another of their own adventures again and just included in this movie as they are the highlight and take up most of the advertising. I am ready to see several more installments and spinoffs of this silly animation as I find it still smart, funny, and cute. 

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